Is Chronic Cough Related to H Pylori

My father just found out that he has H. Pylori which has been ongoing for several months now. Lately, he has been getting sick (cold/cough/virus). I am wondering if this is related because his immune system can be low at this moment. Or just the fact that it's bacterial.

Please let me know what information you could provide on this.

Thank you,

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Yes, but not like you think
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi Marilyn,

While the answer to your question is 'Yes', H pylori contributes to a weakened immune system, but it's not as 'specific' as you are attributing it to. ANY chronic infection or chronic problem can and does contribute to a lowered immune system.

So, it's not important that it's the H pylori, specifically, it could be long term HIV virus, or the Human Papilloma Virus, food allergies, an undiagnosed chronic giardia or Gluten Sensitivity that is contributing to his decreased immune system.

Remember, too, that it's unlikely that he 'just' got H pylori (although it's possible). The more likely scenario is that he's had H pylori for years or even decades and it's been slowly dragging his immune system down all this time- maybe even in conjunction with gluten sensitivity, other parasites or other undetected infections.

Now, don't think that getting rid of his H pylori is going to be the magic cure for his problems. He got H pylori in the first place because he ALREADY had a poor immune system due to possibly other infections, gluten sensitivity, poor eating habits (even if you think that they are good eating habits) and other reasons.

It's GREAT to get rid of it, and that is definitely one step- BUT antibiotics fail about 1/3 of the time because people don't eliminate the reason that they got H pylori in the first place. And the antibiotics can cause problems of their own that may make things even worse- like Candida infection and C Difficile Infection.

These are very real superinfections that are caused by the very antibiotics that his doctor is going to prescribe! Yipes.

So, all in all, there are many things that he can do to decrease his risk of these superinfections from antibiotics as well as increasing his chance of eliminating H pylori the first time. I go over all of these details in my book The H Pylori Solution. It's a must have for anyone who needs to get rid of H pylori.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

PS: Don't forget that I wrote the book on H pylori. Get The H Pylori Solution today and end your struggle with this infection.

Persistant cough and wheezing
by: Michael O'Hare

For well over a year I had a productive cough and wheezing. It would start in the morning and peak about noon before disappearing at night. I was diagnosed with Bronchitis first,then Asthma. No medication worked.

A Spirometer test said I didn't have Asthma. Also a CT found nothing.
As a last resort my Pulmonologist sent me to see a Gastroenterologists. He carried out a Endoscope examination and took a sample from my gut. It came back positive for Helicobacter Pylori. I was put on a course of antibiotics to kill the bacteria.

Within 2 weeks of finishing the antibiotics my cough and wheezing has gone. I'm totally amazed that a bacteria in the gut can play havoc with your chest.

My advice to anyone with a persistent cough and wheezing or even Asthma is to go have a test for Helicobacter Pylori. I'm glad I did.

No more cough
by: Anonymous

I am 58 years old and I was diagnosed with asthma at the age of 28 and have been using asthma pumps since then. This year my cough got exacerbated and for six months it was almost constant and deep, as if I had bronchitis. I took two prescriptions of antibiotics and it got slightly better but was still present.

Three weeks ago I was told I had H. Pylori and was prescribed two antibiotics to get rid of it. About five days into the medicinal treatment my asthma pump ran out. I renewed the prescription but haven’t had an opportunity to go pick it up. So now I am 10 days without my asthma medication and I have not coughed once! Could this be a weird coincidence or was my H. Pylori causing the cough all along? Maybe I never really had asthma!

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