Insomnia from Taking Vitamin D

by J.M.F

I am hypothyroid, hashimoto F- 46 yrs My vitamin d level is always running low I am taking 4000 iu frequently and I noticed I was not sleeping just dreaming crazy stuff all night for weeks- months, unable to stay asleep and had to urinate a lot. I stopped taking Vitamin D for 2 wks and I was acting normal again and sleeping not dreaming not voiding, but I also started getting my backache and bone pain again. So I started taking vitamin D again for 3 days and on day 3 I am waking up exhausted I am even using a CPAP to help sleep that was working now its not ? Stopping VIT D again. Does this make sense? Is Vitamin D causing this issue?

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I've answered these questions before
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

OK, so first of all there are two likely reasons why you are having these problems with vitamin d- both of which I've already gone over on my site. First one is that your hashimoto's gets better when you take vitamin d due to the decrease in inflammation, thus making you wired. Please read my MANY MANY pages where I've discussed low thyroid and vitamin d, specifically read the ones about Hashimoto's since there is a REASON that you have Hashimoto's, it's not some random thing that you can't fix. It's dietary.

Vitamin D and Thyroid

Next, please see the MANY pages that I've written on this, including the Anxiety and Vitamin D, which includes discussion about insomnia and vitamin d, which is the identical problem.

Kerri Knox, RN

Insomnia with Vitamin D
by: Dana

I really love the detailed information on your site. I do have a question regarding insomnia from Vitamin D. I was tested and have a vitamin D level of 36 and am working to get it up to optimal levels by taking 8,000 IU of vitamin D every morning.

However, since I've started taking the D, I've been getting awful insomnia, sometimes only getting 3 hours of sleep a night, which is very unusual for me. I just can't seem to fall asleep since I started the D and I am getting some night time anxiety as well.

I also take a multivitamin as well as magnesium and have for years for my chronic migraines at 400 mg/day. However, I read on your site that D can uncover magnesium deficiency, so I increased my magnesium two weeks ago to 1,000 mg/day plus regular epsom salt baths while I take the vitamin D. However, this is still not helping and I really have trouble getting to sleep.

I don't want to stop taking the D, but I am desperate for my usual easy sleep. If it helps in your assessment, I am a 29-year-old female. Can you give me any suggestions?


insomnia from vitamin D
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I just wanted to add, I also had a similar experience with taking vitamin D. My doctor started me on 50k ui after my test came back with 7 ui. I could only sleep 3-5 hours a night for a week and a half.

She told me that it is unusual to get such a side effect from vitamin D, but I know that each person is different and for me, there was no other changes in my life to cause such sleeplessness.

Vitamin d
by: Anonymous

As I lay awake as usual at 4am this morning, I thought about why I only get a few hours sleep per night and am continually waking up - wide awake from about 3/4 am in the morning. Last night it came to me - back in the summer I was tested and found to be v low in vitamin d.

I was prescribed the vitamin and began taking 4 drops a morning in a small glass of milk, since then my sleep pattern has gone haywire - lack of sleep and crazy dreams when I do eventually go to sleep and then I only sleep in patches. This morning I am reading blog and info about it and I finally discover this link. I'm going back to the doctors to find out what can be done?

I went on vit d in the first place as I was experiencing aches and pains and discovered to be low, my pains were cured, I was never told there could be side effects, it has taken me 4 months to work out the connection myself. Everyone should be warned.

please read the thread
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

Please read the thread and click the links that I provided in my first explanation. You can go to your doctor, if you wish, but you'll just get a sleeping pill and not the information you need to resolve the problem and understand why you are getting insomnia from Vitamin D.

Vit d =insomnia
by: Rain

I have the same problem. I have low levels of vit d but when I take the supplements even as low as 1000 iu I am up all night.

Read the thread
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

Please read the thread. You have magnesium deficiency.

vitamin D and insomnia
by: Tony

I too have serious insomnia after taking a multivitamin and 5000IU of vitamin D. I've read your articles but I don't see any advice for those like myself suffering from insomina. Im waking up after about 3 hours of sleep every night and I don't know what to do. Please offer some clear help.

Read the thread
by: Kerri Knox, RN

I DID offer 'clear advice', but you probably did not actually click the link in my first response to see what I recommend. It's there. Please read my response and follow the links that I suggested.

Insomnia and vit. D3. Chapter 1
by: Sirtakis

Hi, my english is not very good but I'll try to explain my expirience. I began an intake of 28000 UI/day for 15 days, I took it with 1200 mcgr/day of vitamin K2. After I got an analysis and my D3 level was 90 ng/ml, I know that its level must be in 50-70 ng/ml but as a health professional i'm experiencing on myself. Then although I know the maintenance level dose is less than 8000 UI/day, I continued my intake with 14000 UI/day plus 600 mcgr/day. I've been on this dossage for a month and.... ¡I'm suffering insomnia!. For example I go to bed at 23:30 but I'm awaked spontaneously at 4:00 or 5:00. Then I began to review what new things were in my life, I'm not worried, I enjoy the life.. ¿what happens? >>> the only thing is my vit. D3 dossage. So I entered in the internet lookin for the link between vitamin D3 and insomnia and I've found this page. My next two steps will be to analyze my D3 level, and to cut my intake of vitamin D3. I will report you on the results.

Vitamin D and insomnia
by: Anonymous

I've been taking 1000iu of D3 daily for about a year now and my sleep has been hit or miss. A few days ago I got a massage in which they focused on my lymphatic system. Since the massage I have been sleeping 3 hrs per night at best. I read online that D3 is transported and possibly stored in the lymph system. I take 400mg of magnesium daily. Just wanted to share. For now I'm going to stop the d and see.

Vit D & Insomnia
by: Anonymous

I had awful insomnia after taking Vit D on the fourth day. Good thing is I got information on this link. I stopped now taking Vit D again.

help me
by: sung hun

also i have insomnia after taking 5000IU of vitamin D

Insomnia & D3
by: Cj

My vitamin D is 16 & when I take the supplement I too have insomnia/poor quality of sleep. I take vitamin D3 early mornings & been taking 1000mg of magnesium in the evenings prior to vitamin D3 supplementation. I read D3 increases androgen/testosterone levels & wonder since testosterone opposes estrogen, if it's driving down my estrogen levels.I also notice occasional hot flashes since taking D3 as well. Estrogen has a direct effect on serotonin. If D3 facilitates thyroid hormone that too may be causing some sleep disturbance.

Superman on Vitamin D3 but SUPER CHARGED

Last Feb 2017, stiffer than concrete. Tested Vitamin D level was ( 8 ) Super Deficient ! Doc put me on Vitamin D Precription, then 3,000 to 4,000 IU Dailiy, BUT me level jumped from ( 8 ) to ( 40 ) pretty quick, so Doc said 3 months ago, drop it to 2,000IU D 3 a day for life ! Last 5 or 6 weeks, I feel nervous at night, trouble falling asleep, even more trouble staying asleep, when UI awaken I fewlt like I rested for 100 years, not 1 bit tired or groggy... Now I do have Clinical Depression last 20 years and on Medicine same Med for 20 years, same Dose... BUT This is different from my normal insomnia, where I fall asleep easy, but awaken manty times and out of 6 hours in bed, I might sleepy 3 and 1/2 to 4 hours total, but I want that back ! ----------- I feel right now, I AM SUPERCHARGED from D-3.. BArely feel tired enough to fall asleep, and wake up quick feeling totally rested, can walk 11 miles a day for my job on the weekend, and pump weights in the gym, and sleep 1 to 2 hours broken and repeat the same enrgy the next day.... I am not a drug addict, I dont drink caffiene, I know it is Vitamin D 3 after reading this... Some of the other posters are desribing ME ! I won't like, no stiffness like I had, Depression is better from the D-3 and more energy, BUT Major Insomnia, and Anxiety is getting ramped also..... I cut it down to 1000 iu a day now, I will stay at that 2 weeks, the see if my sleep improves from the 2000iu a day I took... Wow ! This D-3 is makng me Superman ! And I want my tiredness back at night

Me as well
by: Bash

After i take 2000 iu of vitamin d its hard to get good sleep.

I think am overdoing D3
by: Anonymous

I have been supplementing with D3 for a few months now, taking around 5000IU a day, sometimes more when I am including fortified milk in my diet. My insomnia followed a couple of months later. And it is very wierd: much like the first woman who posted: I go into an alpha state where I am somehow consciously dreaming with nocturnal panic attacks , hot flashes, night sweats, crazy heart palpitations (a symptom of But D toxicity) and really bad anxiety about sleep. I also take Palafer (iron) for restless legs (which have since gone away) and I don't take iron every day now but I am going to completely stop D and have at least 300mg of magnesium every day and I'm going to cut out all dairy (calcium). And I'll see what happens. My nurse told me she has seen anecdotes of people who cannot sleep with even a little amount of Vitamin D, whether they take it in the morning or at night. Vitamin D supplementation is dangerously overrated!!! When have humans in the past ever had to supplement with it? Eat occasional fish and get sun. Put those pills/drops away. At the end of the day it is a hormone. I cannot believe certain guidelines only consider a toxicity at 60 000 IU or more a day. Ridiculous. Too much of anything is just as bad if not worse than none of it at all. More is not always better.

VitD Insomnia
by: Leslie

Ditto people. I have VitD Levels of 50 to 70, but because of my lower bone density, my doctor said I should up my D. So, after getting more than 2,000IU a day, I had horrible insomnia. Lowered it and it went away. Yikes!

You're not overdosing
by: Kerri KNox

Overdose has a specific meaning. It means that your levels are too high and your calcium level is high. Those with LOW levels, like you, who are experiencing anxiety are simply having a side effect of having low magnesium levels from your vitamin D. This situation would be resolved by using the proper cofactors that I outline in the Vitamin D Absorption Pack I provide for just that reason.

Again, having a side effect is not NECESSARILY because of an overdose. They are two entire different things. Please do not conclude you are overdosing simply because you are having side effects. Get a Vitamin D level and find out for sure, but the chances of you overdosing after being low and taking such small amounts of vitamin D are infintessimally small.

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