In Home Lab Testing
Unique Tests that Your Doctor
Doesn't Even Know About

All of these Laboratory Tests are done right in Your Own Home or Office.

1) You receive them in the MAIL
2) You perform the PAINLESS test
3) Send them right back to the company in the mail
4) You get a copy of the results
5) You get a phone call from a Knowledgeable Health Professional to explain your results and answer any questions you may have

It Doesn't Get Any Easier than That!

When the results are in, I'll Personally call you to discuss your results. You'll get REAL answers from a skilled Registered Nurse educated in both traditional and alternative health.

Kerri Knox RN - Functional Medicine for Immune Health

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

In Home Laboratory Test Menu

Intestinal Pathogen Test

Intestinal Pathogen Test
Adrenal Gland Testing For Stress Hormones

Adrenal Function Test
estrogen level test for breast cancer risk

Find out Your
Breast Cancer Risk
Nutrient Deficiency Testing

Test For Nutrient Deficiencies
Heavy Metals Test

Toxic Chemicals
Heavy Metals Test
H Pylori Test

H Pylori Bacteria Test

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