I'm on Vitamin D and I'm Still Feeling Bad..

I went to the doctor, because I've been having lots of muscle cramps, bone pain and becoming very weak. They tool some blood tests and said I had very, very low vitamin d. (like none). They put me on Vitamin D 50,000 IU weekly.

I started feeling good for 3 days, then got quite bad again, if not a little worse then I was before. Very weak, muscle cramps, etc. So I took the next pill 6 days later and i feel quite bad still. What do I do?? I also had a total hysterectomy 7 1/2 yrs ago, if that matters.


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You're expecting too much...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Teri,

So, you have a Vitamin D Level of almost ZERO and you've been taking vitamin D for 10 DAYS and you expect to already feel better! Yipes! Vitamin D is good, but it's not MAGIC!

First of all, after 2 doses of Vitamin D, your Vitamin D level is probably about 6 or 7 now. And most people feel pretty darned crappy with a Vitamin D level of 6 or 7.

Second, you have likely been Vitamin D deficient for at LEAST a DECADE or maybe more, so you can't expect Vitamin D to fix you in 10 DAYS!!

Next. Be VERY honest with yourself, Teri, and see if maybe you couldn't have been taking better care of yourself for all of these years. Most people do not get THAT Vitamin D deficient if they are going outside exercising 3 to 5 times per week and eating fatty fish once or twice a week.

Next, if you are taking 50,000 IU's per week, then it's likely that you are taking Prescription Vitamin D which has a shorter half-life and may not even DO what Vitamin D is supposed to do!

So, it would be MUCH better if you were to be taking Vitamin D3 Supplements rather than the Prescription Vitamin D2. Also, for someone with an almost ZERO Vitamin D Level, 50,000 IU's per week is going to DRAG out your treatment for MONTHS.

There are PLENTY of studies showing that it is safe and effective to simply take 300,000 to 600,000 IU's all at once. They even give 600,000 IU's to CHILDREN all at once if they have rickets!!

So, it is VERY safe, although your doctor will not likely be aware of this and will not be likely to be willing to help you take a 'bolus' dose to get your levels up quicker.

So, either get really aggressive with your doctor and insist that he be more aggressive AND use D3 instead of prescription Vitamin D, be more aggressive about your dosage on your own, or be patient. You didn't get INTO this mess overnight, and it may even take 6 to 8 weeks (at a minimum) to feel better even IF you took 600,000 IU's all at once.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune Health.com

My honesty about my Vitamin D defiency to TERRI KNOX

Well, I'm extremely Vitamin D low. Truth be, I get NO SUNLIGHT.I don't go outside because in the last year, I simply DID NOT know why i was soo EXTREMELY TIRED all the time. then, it led to mental health issues. Fear, weakness, scared to leave the house, and has led me to the point of my entire hygiene being a chore. Yes, my bones are and were killing me, but my mind would not function right.

Hence, the doctor search began. family doctor 7 times in last 4 months, 10 visits to the ER, Bone Density tests, Psychiatrist, Pain managementand more. Blood tests and EVERYTHING ALWAYS CAME BACK NORMAL.In fact, sunday April 3rd I was at the ER and the doctor said, " You can go home now, you are Right As Rain,." I don't think I can cry anymore. So, I hit my family doctor AGAIN on the 7th of april 2011, and I DEMANDED a Vitamin/mineral test. One test was pending until yesterday the 8th of April 2011. My Vitamin D level didn't even register..To boot, my Copper and my Zinc is too high.

I said Amen, the Lord has found and given me the answer. Plus, I am in SURGICAL MENOPAUSE. Anyway, I just started 50,000units of D vitamin. I take it for 10 days and then 1 weekly.I cannot get into direct sunlight because my pain doctor has me on FENTANYL PATCHES(read about that one). I pray that God will see me through this, I did it. I did this to myself,.Only time will tell.

I didn't get this way overnight, so I need to be real with myself.........To ALL suffers, I will pray for you, but take your own blame if deep in your heart you know you did this to yourself.If its not your own fault god be with you too.


Vitamine D levels up, but still feeling bad
by: JoostM

Dear Kerri,

Long story short: After 5 years of feeling weak, dizzy (like being drunk), paltipations (not fast, but hard), anxiety, etc etc, I still don't feel good. Everything started with a burnout (that was the triggerpoint). After that I stated to relax more, saying NO to a lot of things and so on. I even had two years of AD's.

So, I got my blood tested about six weeks ago and turned out that everything was good, except for VitD. That was 33, so pretty low. Since then I started to take 2 x 4000 IU daily and got my blood tested again. VitD now = 136 !!!!!

The good news: my levels are back up. The bad news: I still feel fatigue, have paltipations, have some anxiety, feel extremely dizzy/drunk.

Do I have to wait untill my body is 'used' to the new levels and will recovery then start? Or should I have felt better already now?


Can take months
by: Kerri Knox, RN The Immune System Queen

It can take months to feel better after getting your vitamin D levels up to normal levels, particularly after they were so low to begin with.

However, you might never feel better if Vitamin D was not what was causing you to feel bad in the first place. Not to be a pessimist, but everyone finds a low vitamin d level and wants that to be the ONE thing that was wrong with them, but it seldom is. Those with such low vitamin D levels often have other issues from not taking care of themselves optimally in many ways.

So, while it's possible that Vitamin D might be your ONLY problem, it's also a possibility that solving your vitamin D problem will not make a bit of difference in how you feel if you have other issues.

So, give it time and be patient, but also be prepared to find that all of your health problems are not solved just from fixing this one problem. Vitamin D is not a 'magic bullet'. It's just a vitamin, and whether you are feeling terrible JUST from the lack of this vitamin, or that your underlying problems contributed to your lack of vitamin D will remain to be seen.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
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