H.Pylori and Joints problems/stiff joints

by Elisa
(B.C. Canada)

This isn't a question but something I felt compelled to share with the internet community as the answer wasn't easy to find.

I just wanted to share a really important piece of information. I've suffered with H.pylori for 5months before it was properly diagnosed and even after treatment I've suffered with issues that were caused by h.pylori, until now.

The first time I was tested it came back negative because the bacteria culture hadn't grown in size enough to show the problem. After I was diagnosed and treated with antibiotics I was told to go back and get another test for H.pylori in three months to make sure it was gone. So I'm guessing that three months after the symptoms start is the key date where it can be seen in the blood.

Throughout the whole event and until just recently I've had seriously stiff joints, my brain has been foggy and my heart has been hurting, all of which started about a month into h.pylori taking over my stomach. These symptoms continued even after the antibiotics. Since then, I've been tested for everything and even tried a natropath to no avail. I have just recently found the cause and felt compelled to share it with the internet world as I haven't seen the answer to my problem anywhere. H.Pylori's favorite meal is potassium!!! It has usurped all of the potassium from my system which apparently only happens with medications or disease and that's why my doctor didn't pick up on it. I only figured this out when someone told me to try drinking apple cider vinegar for my joint problem. And within 24hrs my joints stopped aching and I could think clearly! It's been months of frustration but I'm feeling I've finally found the leg up I've been needing.

The recipe is this : 2-3 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar in 1cup of water once daily. There are also recipes where you can put 2-3 tsp of honey in. I've found the Braggs company to have the most nutritious form of vinegar. A side note here, don't do this if you have h.pylori still in your system, they'll just feed off of it and your stomach will probably feel worse.

So there you have it, I really hope this is helpful to some of you, it's an article I wish I had seen months ago! ( :

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Just a couple of comments
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Elisa,

Thanks for sharing your story. I hope that it helps someone. I'm also very happy that you found out that you had H pylori and that you had it diagnosed and taken care of so quickly. However, I just wanted to make a a couple of comments on this. First of all, if your doctors would have ordered an H Pylori Stool Test, you may have been diagnosed more quickly. With the stool test, you directly test the antigens that H pylori produces all of the time, you don't need to build up antigens in your blood, thus allowing a quicker (and painless) diagnosis without the need to have gone to the laboratory.

The other comment that I wish to make is that H pylori absolutely doesn't 'feed' on potassium, nor does it use it up. What happens is that H pylori causes inflammation and damage to the stomach lining, which causes decreased absorption. So, the reason that you had decreased potassium is that you were not absorbing potassium (and likely magnesium and other nutrients).

Again, thanks for sharing. And I hope that you were tested afterwards to ensure that your H pylori was completely eliminated and that it doesn't come back. If it DOES return, I would highly recommend that you get my book, The H Pylori Solution in order to learn how to deal with reinfection and prevent the reinfection from reoccurring.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

PS: Don't forget that I wrote the book on H pylori. Get The H Pylori Solution today and end your struggle with this infection.

same problem
by: Anonymous

I am suffering the same problem (H. Pylori) with joint pain. But I am tired all the time. Do you had the same issue?

infected too
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed in late March with h pylori. I'm on my second round of antibiotics. ( it came back 2 weeks after I finished the antibiotics).
I have experienced severe joint pain, foggy brain and sleeping 10 to 11 hours a night. No energy, everything takes such an effort.

I've felt bad for the last 7 years and thought gluten was the culprit.So I quit gluten faithfully. And felt almost myself again.I got violently sick after eating crab, and then slowly kept getting sicker until 7 months later my Dr.ordered blood work and I tested positive.

I wonder really how long I've had it. I felt so great 2 weeks into the antibiotics, then all my symptoms came back.

Hope the stronger antibiotics takes care of it for good.

Thank you
by: Anonymous


Thank a ton for sharing this information.
Stomach is impacted and have symptoms same as acid reflux. My blood test was negative but breath test is positive, get muscle pain only at one specific place (under my arm area). Can I try the apple vinegar while my stomach is infected.
Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

My problem list with h-pylori
by: Dorothy Galloway

Hi my name is Dorothy Galloway I was diagnosed with h-pylori 4 years ago. Didn't know that I had it until this year. I've been feeling really really bad, my joints ache all over my body my chess hurts all the time my blowing and belching is still going on my weight is still fluctuating and my gas is bad it smells there and I have gas all day and all night. Just did a breath test a week ago and now it says that I tested normal what is normal is it saying I'm negative I don't know but I do know that I still feel bad very bad. I've never been treated for the h-pylori what do I do

Ask your doctor
by: Kerri Knox

Ask your doctor for clarification, but a 'normal' breath test would generally mean that you are not infected with H pylori.

H pylori symptoms
by: Mircea

Hi guys, I feel like I need to share my story as well, maybe will help someone. The truth is that H Pylori can cause so many problems that are still unknown so I will just share how I felt. It all started with fatigue, I am a very active person, waking up 7am, working out, then do my routine, go to work and so on. All of a sudden I started to sleep 10,11 hours after which I was so tired, didn’t feel like doind anything, started to have joint pain as well and very unussual muscle pain after workout. The most upseting symptoms were: permanent feeling of having something stuck in my throat, stomach pain when hungry and lots of troubles with full cream milk with which I had no issues before. Another problem that occured was that after a while I started to have huge underarm rashes, big red spots with a serios burning sensations. Went to 3 different dermatologists and they all told me is an allergy to deodorant and suggested that I should avoid all deodorants (never changed my deodorant, never had any allergies). ENT doctor said about the throat feeling that is due to Reflux...the things is...I never got any heartburns. Finally got tested positive with H Pylori, treated with antibiotics for 2 weeks, took Nexium as well for 2 months. Got re-tested again after 1 month and the test was negative. I can say that 1 week after finishing the antibiotics my underarms were perfectly fine, I can use deodorant again without any issues, fatigue is literally gone, 2 months after starting the treatment with Nexium I must say that the awkward throat feeling is going away. I can enjoy again my capuccino’s with full milk without feeling bloated.Were all these caused by H pylori? Most probably yes, because they all disapeared slowly once I got rid off it. Not sure though for how long I had it as it took a while for the population to grow and start cause all these problems, another thing I have noticed is that drinking wine and alcoholic drinks in general keeps symptoms low (2 glasses of wine or 2 beers every 2 or 3 days). Symptoms got worse when I literally didn’t touch alcohol for 2 months. These are all personal observations looking back how I felt before and after. Hope it helps!

H Pylori and Wrist joint pain
by: Lets hope for the best

I hope all of you are doing well.
I had been diagnosed with H. Pylori positive last year after a long search and treated with antibiotics successfully. After that I was well with less gas, less burping and less acid reflux.
Last month I started having bit swallowing problem. Whatever I was eating solid or liquid, I was feeling pain below my shoulder blade at the back. I consulted my doctor and he did blood test to check my liver, pancreas, gallbladder and hemoglobin level. The blood test result was good and all lungs are functioning well. Later, I requested my doctor to do breath test incase H. Pylori returned back again. Waiting for breath test result now.
I am having wrist joint pain for the last few weeks. Just wondering whether H. Pylori and Wrist joint pain is somehow related? Will apple cider vinegar help to reduce the joint pain you think?

I would like to share with you that I am eating broccoli, canberry juice and Yakult probiotics hoping they fight with H. Pylori. I am also taking Omeprazole twice a day before meal based on doctor's prescription to protect my stomach lining. I am avoiding sugary and oily and fried food.

I wish best healt of all of you.

Help suffering
by: Anonymous

I've had H.pylori for a couple of years with several unsuccessful treatments I'm at my wits end I'm in another treatment and my whole body is aching and it feels like its in my bones my limbs especially when lying in bed. I have brain fog a rash i cant gey rid off I'm dizzy all the time my heart is pounding and I'm having anxiety with it, I am suffering with this treatment and fear that I've had it to long and they can't get rid of it , what do I do

by: My name is prince

Hi everyone, thanks for your comments, it really gives me a deep insight about h.pylori. During November 2018, I had malaria and typhoid, so started treatment, but after I finished my medication, I was still feeling sick, loosing so much weight, eyes burns when I close them, gas in my stomach that made me fart virtually every 2-3 minutes, no fever, experienced no appetite for a while, had depression, my heart beat faster, mild headache sometimes, if I just stress myself a little, I'll start feeling sick inside me, but it stops if I have a nap, my weight loss was so much because I'm a slim guy and it me so ashamed to go out, don't seem to put on weight no matter how I eat, so I went back to see my doctor and he suggested i run some test but when my result came out On 24 of December 2018, it showed h.pylori, so my doctor prescribed pylorest antibiotic which has 3 different antibiotics to be taken at once for morning and evening. I'm presently on the 5th day of my medication but, I'm still not putting on weight, gas in my stomach that makes me fart all the time, still feel sick, less sleep most times, I don't know what's going on. Please did anyone experience such, how soon do I start putting on weight?

Your comment will be helpful, thanks

Thank you for sharing !!!!!!
by: Shan

I've had a frozen shoulder and then the other shoulder and arm. The pain has been so terribly bad. Thank you for this information. I am on the antibiotics now after very painful visit for stomach ache to the emergency that wouldn't stop for two weeks straight. I also thought it was starches because after sugar and starch my joints would hurt even more to the point they stiffen and the ligaments get torn.

Thanks again for this information! I knew the joint issues and foggy brain and weariness were connected but I didn't realise it was because of the bacteria. I hada feeling it was because of depleted electrolytes but wasn't sure why I was depleted.

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