How quickly do MMA levels return to normal values after administering b-12?

by Gert

My mother's rapidly increasing neurological problems seem to be indicative of b-12 deficiency. Simple blood tests do however not fully support this. There is a more thorough test available which measures MMA levels. However, my mother has already orally started taking vitamin b-12 and i am strongly considering starting high injections to prevent irreversible neurological damage.

Do you know if the MMA blood test will still prove conclusively that my mother has a vitamin b12 deficiency after we have started administering high dose injections? And over what time the MMA valeus would normally return non-deviating levels?

Thanks a million,


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Can't get accurate measurements on B12
by: Kerri Knox, RN

Hi Gert,

You can't get accurate measurements of either B12 or MMA while your mom is on B12. But why do you want to test? Even if she is sufficient in Vitamin B12, that does not mean that she won't benefit from B12. In my opinion, the solution to ANYONE who is suffering mental deterioration is to give them lots and lots of Methylcobalamin B12. There are lots of OTHER reasons methylcobalamin can help her brain besides raising B12 levels, such as detoxifying glutamates that might be affecting her. There is no downside to taking B12, so why bother going through doctors, getting tests, trying to interpret them, etc. Spend that money on Methylcobalamin instead, give it to her every day, and you can consider that issue completely taken care of and not have to even consider it any longer. Seems like a much better solution to me.

There are also lots of other solutions as well. You might want to look into the EXTENSIVE research on the effects of the Ketogenic Diet for Alzheimers. There are lots of other solutions, as well, that your doctor will not likely tell you about because they are not 'mainstream' despite loads of evidence supporting them.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

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downside to taking B12
by: Bowmick

I have tingling and numbness in my left foot sometimes in the right also. I have been managing with Gabba penting (100 mg) and exercise. Then I researched a bit on B12 and learnt that for the elderly even B12 at 500( as in my case) in 200-900 scale may not be enough. So I took 500 mcg methylcobalamin tab for two days and those tingling numbness and burning just vanished but that was only for two days while I was still on B12. I am hyertensive and on drugs including statin to control it. My BP was not coming down as much during those days I was taking B12 and read on the net that B12 has a tendency to raise the BP. So I stopped B12.

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