How long to take B12 to Fill Up Liver?

by Sherry
(Winnipeg, Canada)

I am 43 and was diagnosed with really low B12, Calcium and Vitamin D. I am taking the Methylcobalamine at 10 pills dissolved under tongue of 1000mcg each. I believe this is the 10mg a day dosage I have read can be a good result. My doctor did not state how many mcg to take so I read articles such as yours and just started today with the 10 pills a day to see if a favorable result as I have been experiencing many of the symptoms.

My question is: If the liver can store up to 3 years worth of B12, then how long do I take B12 at 10 milligrams a day before I know my Liver is sufficiently refilled and I can stop taking the pills? Or do I keep taking until my next physical next year? My Dr did not state how long to take them.

Thank You for your answer.

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No idea
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

There are no studies on this. We know that you store B12 because it takes about 3 years for those who take little to no Vitamin B12 about 3 years to start feeling bad and get low vitamin b12 blood levels.

So, the best course of action is to just take B12 as much and as often as you need to feel 'normal. Sorry, that's all that I can give you on this subject. Doctors can't even diagnose B12 Deficiency at this time, let alone tell you how much you are going to need and for how long.

But if you are deficient, you should read my page on Causes of Vitamin B12 Deficiency to find out why and to resolve the reasons why you got deficient in the first place.

Kerri Knox, RN

1 pill a day
by: Anonymous

1 pill a day (1 mg) is enough. I tried it and it worked. After 3 months my B12 level raised from 90 to 210. Once your stock is back to normal values, you can continue with a pill each week.
Your body is not able to assimilate more than a given quantity each day, thus the extra quantity is just eliminated.

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