High magnesium serum level

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After having similar symptoms to magnesium deficiency, and being tested for everything else (MRI, ENT visits, all coming back normal) I asked my doctor for a magnesium test, and the only available test was the serum test.

To my surprise, I recieved my test results and noticed that my magnesium levels were in fact too high? Nothing outrageous, the test said the normal range was 1.8-2.4, mine was 2.6. I am aware that I am not a doctor in any shape or form but I can say I have done in depth research on magnesium and the different types of tests to discover a deficiency.

From multiple sources- the serum test is the most inaccurate test to view the body's magnesium levels. The reason I am pointing this out and focusing on the magnesium is because I have been taking the supplement and have noticed it helping my symptoms. In addition, I know that based on my lifestyle and diet, it's very odd to me that I would actually be getting too much magnesium.

I also know that one of the most common signs you are getting enough/more than enough magnesium is the body flushing it out (diarrhea). I have been increasing my supplement 100mg a day (to reach 400mg) and have had no stomach problems or diarrhea.

My doctor reccomended I don't supplement. I am simply looking for your opinion on whether or not it is safe to keep supplementing, and again, I have noticed an improvement.

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Not safe if...
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

The magnesium blood test IS inaccurate to determine if you are DEFICIENT in magnesium, but if you have HIGH magnesium levels, it's a pretty good test that I would take seriously.

It's not safe to take oral magnesium when your magnesium is high IF your serum magnesium level is actually high, but it's easy for them to break the cells when they do a blood test and cause some levels, like magnesium and potassium, to look artificially high. Or you could have been somewhat dehydrated. Or the lab could have simply made an error.

I would suggest simply getting a repeat lab test.

400 mg of magnesium a day in an otherwise healthy younger person with no kidney problems and normal working bowels is extraordinarily unlikely to cause a high magnesium level.

The MOST likely explanation is a lab error of some sort.

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