Help me! Am I Gluten Intolerant?

by Laura

After having my baby, almost two years ago I began experiencing symptoms- most of which include:

Horrible lower left abdominal pain
Chronic constipation
Extreme fatigue
Nausea without vomiting
Mucus in stools
Depression (mostly from the symptoms listed above)

The list really goes on and on, but I have been to every specialist I can sees and have had SO many procedures done and spent SO much money on trying to get diagnosed and nothing comes up.

It's been almost TWO years and the only answer I have received is, "You probably have IBS". I have a very difficult time accepting this because from what I have learned about IBS it does not cause pain ALL the time. I am literally in pain 95% of the time, every day, all day. You can imagine how this gets in the way of me living a happy and fulfilling life.

I have been tested for celiac disease both by a sample taken in an upper endoscopy and also blood tests. Neither indicated anything. I wish I knew what my "score" was on my blood testing for celiac, but I don't know. I remember it was kind of low I think because the nurse asked the doctor if that might mean anything?

Anyway-could I gluten intolerant and not test positive for celiac? I have started a gluten free diet two days ago and so far I don't feel any different, but because I have been having symptoms for the last TWO YEARS I figure it might take some time.

How long do you think it will take, if this is what it is?

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Constipation is really bad...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Laura,

OK. There could be a lot of things wrong, but the chronic constipation concerns me the most and can be easily remedied.

Yes, you can be gluten intolerant without testing positive, so ignore that and read the page on Diagnosing Gluten Intolerance.

You may need to stay off of gluten for almost two months- maybe even longer if you are not entirely strict and/or you continue to eat 'gluten free junk food' and/or any kind of processed foods and sugar, etc.

So, to see if that is a major part of your problem, be VERY strict and don't fall for the 'gluten free junk food' section at the health food store.

What you need is fiber, fiber and more fiber- and lots of clean pure water. No junk food, no calories that don't include fruits, vegetables and high quality whole grain gluten free grains and a minimal amount of meat because that will not provide you with fiber.

If you do not know how to go about eating this way, then download The Healthy Urban Kitchen but with emphasis on vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. No juice, no soda, no DIET soda either.

THEN- I think that you may be SEVERELY magnesium deficient and that that may even be a bigger part of your problem. Take a look at the Signs of Magnesium Deficiency then go to the Magnesium Dosage page and follow the instructions there very carefully and get absolutely as much magnesium as you can into your body.

I would even encourage you to go any drug store right now and get some magnesium and a big 20 pound bag of epsom salts and start taking the magnesium right now and go home and pour 2 or 3 pounds of epsom salt into a hot bath and stay there for as long as you can stand.

Then do that again every day for the next week. Follow the dosage schedule with as much magnesium as you can take orally and as many epsom salt baths as you can stand for as long as you can with as much epsom salt as you can get into it. You can even bring your daughter to play with you in the bath- it'll be good for her too.

Try that for the next week and report back. I'm going to bet that you are feeling better. Probably not perfect, but you'll be on your way and we can start fine-tuning from there.

For the next week, your entire existence is going to revolve around magnesium, magnesium, magnesium.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

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