H Pylori Several Questions

by Tom Johnson
(Baton Rouge, LA)

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1. Can you be cured of H pylori even with a compromised immune system? I'm getting your h pylori book.

2. Background: I have metals issues and am on a paleo diet (no grains or beans) as a result of bacterial infections with antibiotic use. Been chelating since Feb 2012 with success thanks to your reccommendation. H pylori was diagnosed in 2006 after helping out with hurricane Katrina recovery work. My health has been good for 3 years with your advice and Dr Stephanie Cave for metals recovery (HG et al) and optimizing my GI tract health. Dr Cave is a GI tract MD.

On 12/20-1/3 I tried coffee, gumbo with rice and pizza single servings different days- shame on me. This has compromised my gut and has caused a recurrence of H pylori with gastritis type symptoms after eating shrimp 12 hours earlier-( h pylori confirmed from blood test). Bacterial stool results are due any day now. So since 1/06/15 I am on Pantoprazole 40 mg 1 per day. My work stress levels are elevated also. I cheated on my gastritis diet on 1/29/15 with nuts and chocolate. Since then my lower left colon has been hurting (never had diverticulitis or ??). I am taking inner eco probiotics in coconut water, b supplements, and others recommneded from Dr Cave (metals treatment). I will start taking antibiiotics soon probably. Have not slept well in 2 days now 3 hours each night. I am on a comprehensive elimination diet for blood type O attached Is there anything else you can recommend to get over this trouble?


Tom Johnson

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H Pylori
by: Kerri Knox, RN - The Immune Queen

Hi Tom,

Before you take the antibiotics, get my book The H Pylori Solution, since it will help you determine if you even need to take antibiotics, or whether you want to. There are excellent alternatives to antibiotics that can help you eradicate H pylori.

It IS tough to get rid of H pylori with a compromised immune system, but you've been doing everything to build that up as much as you can for quite some time now. So, you can 'only do what you can only do'. It's 'best' to have a strong immune system when you try to eliminate H pylori, however, you only have to work with what you have to work with, so follow the protocols in the book and then retest after two months. That's really the only way to find out if your immune system was strong enough to get rid of it.

By the way, the protocols in the H Pylori Solution do not overlap with the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution, so other than a few general things, you'll be getting entirely new info specific to the eradication of H pylori.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

PS: Don't forget that I wrote the book on H pylori. Get The H Pylori Solution today and end your struggle with this infection.

H pylori
by: Tom Johnson(Baton Rouge)



Got the book started the supplements Saturday and feel better. The stress book is also something everyone today should be aware of.

Inner eco has some great probiotics in coconut water no dairy- 100,000,000 organism per serving. Taking this twice a day helps crowd out the bad bacteria.

Got the results fecal results today. Dr Cave is phoning in the scripts. I really hate to take anti biotics but I need help in the past few years gettting the bugs out of my GI tract.

Roger on the fluroquinolines.

Will restest in a couple of months.

Lessons learned - no grains & no beans. Metals poisoning and subsequent infections with anitbiotics really did me in over 4 years 2008-2012.

Happy New Year and a million thanks again for your help, Kerri!

Tom Johnson

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