H Pylori, IBS & Celiac Disease

The Digestive Tract Completely Rules our Health

The Digestive Tract Completely Rules our Health

I have been undergoing some tests to determine the cause for my digestive issues (extreme bloating, gases, severe constipation & general stomach discomfort).

I was unable to do a full colonoscopy due to the prep not fully working due to the severe constipation. The Endoscopy resulted in severe gastritis and irritation of the esophagus- among other things.

It also tested positive for the H Pylori Bacteria. I started antibiotic treatment today.

However; the doctor doesn't think the symptoms of constipation, and bloating relate to H Pylori. I can say that I have become very moody and somewhat depressed. I am easily irritated and lack concentration and frequently fatigued.

Reading your site now just added another question to this puzzle which is could I suffer from Gluten Sensitivity?

How can I find out if my problems relate to H Pylori, IBS or Gluten Sensitivity. I feel that my depression has to do with feeling sick and unable to find a cause.

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Can H pylori infection be linked with Celiac Disease

by RMurray
(Charlotte NC)

Celiac Disease and H Pylori Can Be Linked

Celiac Disease and H Pylori Can Be Linked

My son was diagnosed with Shigella when he was just a baby, he developed severe diarrhea. He was given a stong antibiotic to clear up the infection. He did get better but has had stomach upsets for years ever since. He was also diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was just 6 years old.

Last year he was diagnosed with Celiac disease and now has to eat a gluten free diet. He has heart burn frequently, I'm just wondering if he could have the H pylori infection and if that could have possibly brought on these two Auto immune diseases that he has. I've just had him tested for the H pylori infection and will hopefully get the results in 5 days.

I'm just asking if you think it could be possible that if he does have the H Pylori infection and if we get it cleared up, could that help with his gluten allergy. I know it want be a cure all, just curious if it could possibly be causing the allergy to gluten. Any advice you could give or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Is it Celiac or H Pylori?

by Jackie

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis 20 years ago and have been on Synthroid since. I am a 51 year old female. Since the onset of the Hashimotos my life has been hell. I have aching, blurred vision, fatigue and a host of stomach problems. Bloating, gas, heartburn,and no appetite.

One doctor told me I had Celiac Disease and have been on the diet for 7 months. Some of the bloating has decreased but the loose stool off and on has remained. Antibody levels for Celiac Disease were low and considered normal before I started on a Gluten Intolerance Diet.

Himalayan Salt for Health

I have had a high WBC count for 20 years with no explanation from the medical doctors. I am allergic to casein, egg white, almonds and have also eliminated these from my diet. My last WBC was normal since the diet.

I still have heartburn off and on, nasal congestion in the morning and I am losing my teeth due to Periodontal Disease. I have had Periodontal surgery ect. The gums look great and no one knows why the teeth are mobile and I am losing them,.

My legs are very thin and my weight is 123. Before the diet I weighed 132. I am of medium frame and am 5 ft. 3 inches. I take no vitamins due to stomach upset when I have tried numerous ones in the past.

My Ferritin is 27 and was 47 before the diet. CBC considered normal, B12 normal. Thyroid levels normal.

Low Vitamin D in past now 57. I take digestive enzymes before meals and eat one yogurt a day with live cultures.

Normal Sed. rates,normal ANA. Strong family history of Autoimmune disease. Hysterectomy in 2005 ovaries remain and cervix. Yearly pap and pelvic normal. I don't drink any alcohol or drink milk or eat dairy except for the yogart. I am allergic to Pennicillin and Sulfa.

Could this possibly be the H Pylori Bacteria? What tests are needed to confirm it?

I appreciate any information that you can send me I am tired of feeling unwell and no answers.
Thank you for your time.



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celiac or h pylori

If i was diagnosed with celiac but it did not show positive on the blood test i took and i am not feeling any better could it be possible i have H Pylori? I had a colonoscopy and endoscapy done and the main suggestion of celiac was my villi does H Pylori have the same affect?

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