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Did you go on a gluten free diet?
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

First of all, diagnosis of Celiac doesn't make you feel better. You need to go on a gluten free diet if you want to feel better. Please read around on my site, if you already ARE gluten free and still not feeling better, there are many reasons for this including things that you may be doing such as:

* Still eating lots of junk food
* You have many nutritional deficiencies from the Celiac that you've not corrected
* Eating more of other grains, such as corn, that you are also sensitive to
* Not getting enough protein in order to heal
* Not having eliminated dairy, since many Celiac's are also sensitive to dairy

But YES, you can have H pylori and yes, it's possible that you have H pylori and that it can still be making you feel bad. You could also have any number of pathogens such as Candida, Giardia or numerous other parasites that tend to be more common when someone has intestinal damage..

It's not a question of whether it's Celiac OR H pylori. If you've been diagnosed with Celiac, then you have Celiac and you need to maintain a gluten free diet for the rest of your life. But you can ALSO have H pylori AND Candida AND other parasites AND nutritional deficiencies AND lactose intolerance, etc. all at the same time. YOu just need to figure out which problems you DO have...

Kerri Knox, RN

H Pylori trigger
by: Anonymous

This little bug h Pylori could be source of many gastro problems.

We have the immune response the possibly can cause other allergies or a path to celiac.

Next we have the suppression of stomach acid by H Pylori releasing hormones to suppress stomach acid secretion.

The lower stomach acid means wheat proteins are not digested and can the result in immune response to the protein in small intestine where these proteins should not be seen.

low stomach acid also means other bacteria can survive in the stomach, poor digestion then results in lack of other nutrients.

H Pylori can cause a cascade of gastric, immune and nutritional problems.

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