Gluten Sensitivity and Back Pain

A couple of years ago I had developed some problems w/my back. I went to a chiropractor for adjustments. I was OK for a while, but then later the ache-ing came back.

I've been to an orthopedic spine guy. Had an MRI and saw nothing. Been in PT to help relieve my pain and hope that I could walk "normally" again. PT thinks that my problem could be coming from my hip rather than my back.

I'm waiting 4 weeks to get into the next orthopedic joint doctor. In the mean time I've been exploring the possibility that something in my diet is contributing to my problems. Looking at gluten sensitivity. My symptoms are indigestion, gas, muscle aching - mostly right hip area. Because of my aching, I do not sleep great.

(FYI - I am 5'3", 140 lbs, been exercising at Curves for 5 years, practice mediation, etc. I am perimenopause and taking Yaz to help that - Pretty healthy overall)

My question - I don't see my symptoms lumped together in any category. Am I possibly on the right track?

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Does Gluten Cause Migraines and Muscle Pain?

by Maureen
(New York)

I have been Gluten Free for 4 months. I have noticed I am feeling much better. However, I still get migraines and along with the migraines I get muscle pain in my neck and back. I was reading that this could be either gluten or a lack of a vitamin.

As hard as I try to be GF I am sure there is something in something I am eating. I usually get a migraine once or twice a month and take Imitrex for them which works. But would like to get off meds totally and do it naturally. What advice can you give me and others?

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Could my Achy Body Be Due to Gluten Sensitivity

by Jeanene Geller
(LA, CA)

I have been suffering with an achy body off and on for many years. I have thought it might me Symptoms of Fibromyalgia, but feel like it might be Gluten Sensitivity now.

I had a great day yesterday with no pain and tons of energy and after reviewing my food journal I found I had a diet of quinoa, vegetables and fat free dairy the day before.

I proceeded to have a friend over and ate pot stickers, chicken noodle soup and tuna on whole wheat bread. At about 2:30 this morning I woke up and my whole body was aching and continues and I write this.

Could this have been caused by gluten?

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Gluten Free for a Year and Still in Pain

I have spoken to you on the phone about a year ago, suggested to go gluten free and also test adrenals. Is there any point running an adrenal test when I am still taking Tramadol? I can't get off this nasty medicine - I feel more horrible when I don't take it. I'm not sure what is making me sleep so hard and feel completely unrested when I wake up and I hurt all over all the time.

Being gluten free for one year has reduced my pain but it is still there just not as intense. When I take the Tramadol, I almost feel normal. Is there any herbal remedies to help you get off of medicines doctors tell you are not addictive? Obviously I should get off of it before getting adrenal tests?

Should I get tested for H-Pylori?

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Lower Back Pain

by Suzi
(Gilbert, Az USA)

I am a 43 yr old women. Let me give you some history of myself. I have always been over weight even as a kid. In the last 10 yrs I have noticed that when I would eat white flour etc I would bloat and be miserable ! 1 1/2 yrs ago I went on the HCG diet and lost over 60 pounds! I felt AWESOME!

I know part of it was cleaning the Candida out of my system etc. Last May i had to have my gallbladder out. I felt ok the first month, since then I have had a pain in my lower back on the right side. At first I thought it was a muscle strain. I was eating pretty badly after that initial first month post surgery and went back to eating "good" back didn't bother me much. Then the holidays came.

My back is killing me again. Within 15-30 after eating a meal (that is crappy) IT IS REALLY HURTING! I am bloated and literally will fall asleep sitting up! I am starting to see a connection with the back pain and gluten or at least eating.

My question is....... IS THIS POSSIBLE? Is there back pain with Gluten allergies? Am I really seeing a connection here?

Or am I grasping at straws? Any advise or ideas would be very much appreciated.

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Gluten free for 10 months and still have some low back pain

by Lynne

Hi, am gluten intolerant and have been gluten free for 10 months and I still have low back pain and hip pain, I just recently eliminated all grains from my diet to see if that might be causing it, how long would it take to see a difference after eliminating those foods to see a difference?

I also am casein intolerant and I eliminated nuts and eggs, I thought I would get rid of anything that could cause a problem.

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