Fibromyalgia vs Tendonitis and Neurologic Symptoms?

by Roxy
(edmonton, ab, canada)

I got married in July 2005 and shortly after started to get abused. My arms and wrists were constantly being twisted ways they weren't supposed to along with getting kicked and punched on every part of my body/head.

In Jan 2007 I began to have problems typing, no matter how hard I tried to keep typing I couldn't move my fingers. I began to have a real bad short memory, so bad that I wouldn't remember what was JUST said to me(lasting half a year, after that it became blurry occasionaly).

I waited for this to heal but since it didn't in late of 2007 I went to see a doctor. He laughed in my face and said I was fine, I told him no I'm not, I can't even bottle feed my son, hold him, drive, write, type, shaky hands, couldn't hold drinks in my hand or they would get weak and I would want to drop it and dropped things occasionally. He did an x-ray of my hands and it came up good so said I was fine and just wear braces for 3mnths and to come back if it didn't go away. I went for a second opinion since I COULDN'T DO ANYTHING NORMAL in my life. The next doctor suggested he same thing. Shortly after it started spreading to my elbows than shoulders.

I left my office job in 2008 because it was to hard on my body and no one helped me. I got a job in construction(driver) and was to be a laborer later on. This was PAINFUL but easier on me since I used my whole arm instead of just my fingers. I started to get Trigger Finger, wake up and unable to move my arms(fully fallen asleep), pins and needles feeling, numbness, tingling, weakness, electrocuting feeling in my arms. Tingly fingers(last 2 - smallest ones) after brushing my teeth for about 30 minutes. Still couldn't drive short distances nor do simple tasks such as shovel the snow, brush my dog, hold my son or wash dishes. No painkillers were working for me.

I got sent to a specialist and he thought I had R.A. or Tendonitis but said he never seen someone like me where it spread from the wrists up... I got diagnosed with tendonitis and got anti-inflammatory pills that semi-worked but still caused me GREAT pain.

Worst pain being when I woke up and when I was "still" at home(couch or bed etc.). I would get my bf to massage my arms as hard as he could cause the new pain he gave me was better than my current pain. I seen a neurologist, he tested my lower arm only, said I was fine and ppl only who can't fall asleep or get woken up at night etc. have a real problem.

I told him I have all of that and he just stuck to what he said and told me to wear a Wrist Splint and I said I did that and it still didn't get better, he told me that's shocking cause it SHOULD???

He didn't ask me my symptoms or history I felt he just dismissed me because of my age. When the neurologists assistant was doing my tests, the one arm she did it didn't get any feedback so she looked at me and kept moving her machine around to find it and couldn't so I seen her crank up the "power" and tried again and my arm jumped EXTREMELY HIGH...yet I was
okay? Because they test how fast it goes from point a to b but why did she have to increase the power if that is the case?

I seen a chiropractor cause he said he knew what I had and could help but if it doesn't get better in 2 weeks he will have to stop. At this point I wasn't working, and still aren't for over a year(yet I am still feeling pains!!!)..he was focusing around my neck area to loosen my muscles so that my nerve wont be so compressed..but he made my symptoms come out more and more so he finally had to stop. He was blown away the neurologist ignored me with everything I have and said my symptoms are nerve related and not muscle because of the questions he was asking me(ex. when you massage it does it get better? I said no)

I get relapses though, seems to be mainly when the weather gets cold. When someone shakes my hand it can feel like it has been squashed as I am very sensitive to the touch many times. I had a mri done as he thought I had M.S. but it was clean, I had a full body scan and discovered my left arm was broken in 2 diff places from before which I never knew. But other than that NOTHING.

My GP finally quit and said "no more tests" you have a muscle disorder..time for physio therapy. I told him now my pinky and other finger are turning blue an purple sometimes and I have a lump inbetween my 2nd and middle finger which is making them "stick together". He didn't say anything. But I know muscle disorder isn't the problem as it is only in my arms and my symptoms are more nerve related.

I am out of all options and want to work. I am not faking it because every doctor just tried to put me on disability when I said no I want you to fix me so that I can WORK. After almost 2 years of not knowing what is wrong with me I asked to go on disability and all he could offer me is physio?? after all my credit cards were maxed out. He wouldn't give me cortisone shots cause he said he can't just randomly inject me as the pain is everywhere and not one specific spot?????

EVEN though he seen how badly I was suffering and saw my symptoms and I EVEN TOLD HIM that I want to be healed and not go on disability. He never offered me tendonitis surgery or nerve surgery(the nerve that is responsible for the pinky and half of the other finger).

Any suggestions as to what you think I may have? I don't think it is Symptoms of Fibromyalgia because it says you need to have pain in a specific # of body parts, which I don't I only have it in my arms and hands. I am pretty healthy, I work out but I can smell sugar in my urine (you can smell it about 2 meters away, very strong so I am not imagining this) for about 6 years now but the doctors say I am fine and dont have diabetes?? I am desperate and have given up because every doctor I visit suggests the same stuff(braces, anti inflammatories (barely work) or painkillers which don't work).

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help I ran out of options and just want to feel normal again and live a pain free life!

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Lots of Symptoms, not likely to be fibromyalgia...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Roxy,

So, first of all, I hope that you have left your abusive husband and/or are getting help around the abuse. That really needs to absolutely be a priority. But I really think that your physical symptoms are, IN PART, due to having such severe psychological stress that it has manifested in your body.

Even though I do NOT think that you have Fibromyalgia, please read my Stress and Fibromyalgia page so you can see the mechanism by which emotional stress can lead to physical symptoms and some methods to deal with this.

I think that it would be EXTREMELY helpful for you to get the book recommended on that page and on my Fibromyalgia Books page, "The Divided Mind" by Dr. John Sarno to give you some practical strategies to deal with the portion of your pain that is due to emotional stress.

Next, I highly suggest that download my book, The Essential Guide to Lasting Pain Relief which you will get for FREE when you confirm your subscription to my newsletter and follow the instructions there- particularly make SURE that your doctors check your Vitamin D Level because there is a STRONG connection between Vitamin D and Pain, and living in Canada, it's almost for sure that you have moderate or severe vitamin d deficiency.

So, I'd also like you to go to my partner's website, The Tendonitis Expert and take a look at some of the things that you can do for some of the tendonitis issues that you are experiencing.

So, let me know what you think about all this and I'll help you out along the way if you are willing to start taking a look at some of these solutions that could help you out.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Pain in the wrist and hands from the neck, and nutritional deficiency
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Hi Roxy and Kerri.

Having read the above, I have two thoughts.

1. Nutritional deficiency, big time. As Kerri can tell you, stress burns through the body's nutritional stores, especially B6 and Magnesium.

Years of intense stress........

Tight muscles also use up nutrients.

Also, Inflammation Causes Vitamin B6 Deficiency.

So, Roxy, you're hurting nutritionally.

2. As far as hand/wrist pain etc, what's up with your doctors??!? Unfortunately, it's not just your doctors.

Geez. I'm so sorry you had that experience.

The hand/finger/wrist pain happenened after the abuse started, yes?

If so, here's my theory:

Whiplash, essentially. Blows to the head cause the neck muscles to TIGHTEN up.

The Scalene muscles on the front of the neck clamp down on the nerve that feeds the arm. This can cause pain, and/or numbness, and/or tingling.

It makes a lot of sense that some or all of your lower arm pain is coming from up at your neck.

A good massage therapist up near you can help you A LOT. Make sure that they know how to do 'anterior neck' work, and make sure they know you've hand head trauma that affected the neck and is affecting the hands. Make sure they know how to work the scalenes.

Also, I'll have a Whiplash ebook out in the next week or so. Check into my site and go to the Whiplash page in a week or two, and you should see it there. This ebook (will be) designed exactly for people like you so that you can do self- care to fix your own whiplash problems.

So. Nutritional deficiency and Whiplash. Maybe there's actual problems in your hands, maybe not.

Do note, you HAVE to take care of the nutritional aspect. If you only do the neck, that will help, probably a lot, but if you take care of the nutritional deficiency, that will make EVERYTHING happen quicker and get better quicker.

Joshua Tucker, B.A., C.M.T.
The Tendonitis Expert

The guy should be in a jail....
by: Anne

You did not have these physical pains before you were in that devastating relationship right?

Get out from the guy. No, it will not get better, it will get worse after a pause of happiness...then the next time you will die!!! and for what?

You do have a child right? Fight back with yourself....most women wait 5 times to leave the guy for sure. No excuses on your go immediately for psychological help so you learn to have a cup of tea by yourself and have a peaceful hour each day away from the guy, so your adrenals learn to function on a normal way instead of expecting, yes, expecting to release all the unnecessary hormones.....can you see this picture?

This is what you need...forget about Fibromyalgia, take your vitamins, and run for your life....yes!!!!.

Abuse and Fibro
by: Mandy

Hi, your story sounds similar to mine, although my husband was only abusive psychologically.
My problems started when I was 21, and like you they started in the shoulder areas, my wrist have always hurt me since a child, so I was marked as a 'belly acher' from an early age. It took 17 year to get a diagnosis, no doctors would take me seriously and not even my own family.

I used to have trouble combing my hair, and when the babies came along...I can totally sympathize with you, about not being able to hold them properly, And spoon feeding!!!!!lol that was the worst.

Fortunately I had no help, I say this because I think HAVING to cope,helped. I was always active. I have always tried to keep positive too, which is actually more helpful than one might think. A hobby is a must, no matter how painful it is, and yes, exercise. This year I worked the most I have ever worked, finally left my husband, and the kids are bigger, it is easier.However I have developed ongoing tendinitis, from playing the guitar...:), but hey I never even thought I would make it this far..!

by: Anonymous

Could be TMS.

by: Anonymous

Being one that lives in pain and has numerous issues causing it, I am having a heck of a time getting my well earned disability and find it very hard to understand, or believe, that any doctor would say file for disability over treating symptoms. While I have learned through a lifetime that doctors dance all over the diagnosis charts before they can narrow down anything, they are definitely NOT in favor of disability and will try their best to treat symptoms, even when they aren't sure what they are treating, before ever telling someone not to work. Good luck with your journey, I hope that you at least get some relief.

Another Possibility
by: Zippy Zebra

Check out Ehlers Danlos Syndrome at Ehlers Danlos National Foundation.

You experience similar to what my family suffers.

It is genetic but not every family member will present symptoms or signs.

I pray you find answers soon.

Unexplained pain
by: Anonymous

It sounds like complex regional pain it.

good luck
by: Anonymous

I have a lot of your symptoms and been told overvand over again that nothing is wrong with me. Until a family member told me about the MTHRF Genetic Mutation look it up it has all your symptoms plus more and its not something doctors like to test for. I had to fight really hard for it. But something to look into for you.

Why Drs are clueless!?
by: Destin mom

Hi Roxy, I sure hope you still check responses?! I have several thing that sound identical if not close! I currently have a connective tissue disease called Ehlers-danlos syndrome. There are several types and I have the hyper mobile which effects tendons and joints, muscle weakness among several other things!

I also now have dysautonomia and sadly my son does as well. It took one persons comment 8 yrs ago that led me to my disease and just maybe I can do the same! Good luck and always remember! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I have exactly what you explained
by: DaNielle

Hi Roxy,

Did you figure out what is going on? I have exactly what is going on with you with the same crap from the doctors. This is disabling me. I have to get this figured out. I cannot keep living like this. I can't do normal daily activities like cooking, cleaning, shopping, driving, holding my grandbaby, playing with grandkids, etc. I'm 51, I am too young for this. I still have to do some of these activities, (I'm single) but all of this makes it worst, and I believe it's keeping me from getting better maybe? I have meals on wheels coming to my house which helps with not doing a lot of these activities, but the meals are not great, and you only get 7 meals a week. These meals are for seniors. I'm 51, not a senior! God, I hope you have an answer for me.

20 years to get a diagnosis.
by: Anonymous

Yes it generally takes 20 years in USA and other countries to get a diagnosis of Mastocytosis or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Drs are not to taught about it in medical school as it is too rare. Of course they will say you should keep going and trying to find out what is wrong but how much of there is nothing wrong with you can you take and how much money can you spend on Drs when you are too sick to work.
Yes, you must get a common disease to get a diagnosis in a reasonable amount of time and then if your friends have not heard of it then its nothing. They do not actually believe you are sick. Even after I was granted a disability pension my family still did not believe I was sick.
Its so difficult.
Try everything you can. Get on as many sites as you can and see Drs who are thought to be good diagnosticians maybe an Immunologist. It was an immunologist who helped me and found the diagnosis. On the right medication my life has improved dramatically.
Will keep you in my prayers.

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