Fatigue and muscle ache

by Don

I tested positive for H. Pylori. The symptoms the I experienced were extreme fatigue and muscle aches but mostly fatigue. Is that common? Because what i read about the symptoms these didn't seem to be prevalent. I went through this for about Two weeks and then I naturally got better. No (antibiotics).

I'm now on them because I was informed that I need to eradicate it. Now my wife is having the same symptoms as I did weeks ago, I was told that this that this was not contagious. My wife does not trust doctors.

Sometimes I agree with her. But she will not consult anyone on this because the symptoms don't add up she says. And she does not want meds for Mia diagnosis. What can you tell me about this virus?

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by: Kerri Knox, RN

It sounds more like your H pylori was 'incidental' to your fatigue and muscle aches. H pylori CAN cause those symptoms, but when it comes from H pylori, it is unlikely to come on 'acutely', last for a couple of weeks, then resolve on it's own.

And it's even LESS likely that your wife is going to experience these same acute symptoms a short time after you do. However, H pylori IS contagious, however, you do not experience 'acute' symptoms when you get it, you just get it and may not find out about it for years. So, even if your wife ALSO has H pylori, it does not mean that your acute illnesses had anything to do with having H pylori. It is more likely to be 'incidental' that you both experienced the same acute illnesses, but also had H pylori.

H pylori is a 'chronic' problem, and the more likely explanation is that you've had H pylori for years, you got this illness, and they happened to find it when they tested you.

It seems much more likely that your fatigue and muscle aches were caused by some other communicable illness, such as a virus.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
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