Extreme Fatigue From Vitamin D Deficiency

by csm

My husband had been feeling like a 90 year old (he's in his 40's) for about a year now, and after many different doctors, was tested for Vitamin D. His level came back 24, which is kind of low according the the reference range from the lab, but from what I read, optimal level are more like 50-80. He just took his first dose of 50,000 IU of Vitamin D, which he is to take once a week for three months. We are hoping that this is it-the cause of all the tiredness and pain.

He has been working in a building with no windows for 6 years and because of his commute sometimes doesn't even see the sun in the winter months. He grew up in a sunny climate but now lives in the mid-Atlantic states.

We started at the PCP who ordered all kinds of misc tests for arthritis, thyroid, testosterone, Lyme, etc. (all normal). Then we went to a neurologist wondering if he has MS. The MRI of the brain and the nerve test (EMG) were normal. We went to a sleep doctor and did another sleep lab since he has severe sleep apnea, and we were wondering if his pressure was still the right pressure on the CPAP machine.

Everything sleep apnea-wise was being treated just fine. Then we went to a rheumatologist who ordered a bunch of the original tests plus some more including Vitamin D. That was the only thing that came back abnormal. He is also taking 60 days of antibiotics "just in case" of the Lyme test being false-negative. Our daughter tested positive for Lyme & we live by a forest so it was within the realm of possibility. But the Lyme test has been negative both times for both recent and previous exposure.

His symptoms include EXTREME fatigue, bone pain, especially hip pain, muscle discomfort/weakness/aches, especially arms and lower legs, joint pain in elbows and knees, and unrefreshing sleep. He frequently feels like he needs to move his legs. Also, his legs often feel like they have weights attached to them, and when he gets up to walk, it looks like he has weights attached to them from the way he moves. Stairs are really hard and so is kneeling. His arms have a weak feeling to them. Sometimes he has tingling. His energy
level is very low and he sleeps a lot or at least rests on the couch a lot. He's also been diagnosed with depression and is taking antidepressants, which have helped his mood a lot, but not the tiredness. We are busy and have kids so we are used to a "normal" level of fatigue, but this goes WAY beyond that. I'm surprised he's been able to keep his job this year it's been so bad.

So I guess we're hoping that we've finally found the answer-I hope so. Should he be taking calcium too, or are the D supplements enough?





Well, it's likely that at least some or many of his symptoms are due to the vitamin d deficiency, and yes, you are right, an OPTIMAL vitamin d level is 50 to 80, so he's lower than you think.

Most people do not need to take calcium with their vitamin d, but they do need to take MAGNESIUM with the vitamin d- especially if he's got restless legs, which may already be a sign of magnesium deficiency as well.

But if he's just working all of the time, then part of his fatigue may also be lack of exercise too. You NEED exercise to be healthy and feel well, and if he's not exercising AND he has sleep apnea, he is at HUGE risk for heart disease- especially if he's also overweight- which is usually a BIG reason for sleep apnea.

And also, what about YOU!! If you live mid Atlantic, there is not vitamin d through the entire winter, so it's unlikely that YOUR vitamin d is any better- you do NOT get vitamin d through windows, so the amount of windows that you sit next to has no bearing on vitamin d levels.

So, please get yourself tested as well, I think that you will be SHOCKED at your numbers- they may be lower than your husband's!!!

And consider that even if his fatigue is improved with vitamin d, that his not getting exercise is a HUGE risk factor for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and a whole lot of other health problems- and that he may want to consider making that a priority in his life if he wants to be around to be there for you for the next 40 years.

Kerri Knox, RN

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Vit D-my miracle worker
by: S. Davis

I can totally sympathize with you because I have had these same symptoms from Vit d deficiency. 7 years ago I had a hysterectomy and my problems started then.

I have gone to several MD'S and specialists who (along with my husband) just thought I have been suffering from depression and trying to be lazy and other things.

It's a long story but thank God my endo has me on 100,0000 iu's of vit d and I am beginning to feel better.

Glad that you got diagnosed..
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

I'm glad that you got diagnosed with vitamin d deficiency, but you may want to reconsider taking that prescription. Please read my page on Prescription Vitamin D to see why your prescription is NOT the best choice for you!!

You may want to ask your endocrinologist why he is choosing an inferior form of vitamin d instead of the superior form of Vitamin D3. And yes, Vitamin D Deficiency Fatigue is a real thing. There are many reasons to be vitamin d sufficient, and relieving fatigue that might be caused from vitamin d insufficiency is one of them.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System


PS: If you found this website helpful, please consider using the
Easy Immune Health Product Store the next time you purchase your supplements online. Thank you for visiting my site!

Fighting fatique
by: Anonymous

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

due to my own experience and tons of readings, i would like to advise to use vitamin d only in combination with vitamin K2 und magnesium particulary in the form of magnesium tricitrate ( nearly neutral level of ph and therefore in best compliance with the stomage).

Fatique is often also a result of a lack in the function of the adrenal gland, 60mg Vitamin b5 works wonder, particulary taken in the morning.
Tyrosín, a natural accuring aminoacid provides the raw material for the production of the important dopamin, a crucial neurotransmitter, particulary for drive and energie
Vitamin b12 only in the form of metylcobolamin 1-5mg a day, is a super addition and depleted very often in most of us.

I personally spend fortunes for decades on nutrients and was still in the indeficient range of the mentioned stuff.Crucial ist the right AMOUNT and the RIGHT FORM !!!

Best regards from germany
Reinhard/ berlin/pharmaceutical representative

Is it MS?
by: Gloria

To csm & Kerri -- csm's description of her husband's symptoms is mine lately.I had a consult with my functional MD in Aug. My Vit D was at 323 nmol/L! He asked me to cut my 10,000 iu dose in half. Since that was the highest mine had ever been, I figured that it would be okay to reduce it. It was that high because I was sunning in July and earlier(our latitude is >52 degrees N). I had to stop sunning because of the smoke from the forest fires so was just using 5,000 iu per day & within a month/6 weeks my levels plummeted and I started getting all of the symptoms that csm's husband had. I wondered about the gait and balance issues, but am now convinced that they are related to low Vit D. Stairs were hard I had to crawl up at my son's place! Now taking 15000 iu per day! In 07/08 it took me 3 months at ~20,000 iu to get up to optimal levels.

extremely fatigue
by: tkj

deariam feeling exactly the same situation and dignosed vitamine d and b12 deficiency.my d3 level is 3.5 and b12 is 100. My doctor is treating me with weekly shots of d3 and b12 injections. Various oral suppliments including Levodopa and carbidopa. I am 42 year old and. Getting very dipressed with my health. I pray God for your husband and for myself. I am 42 year old having a wonderful wife and cute daughter

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