Does anyone else with gluten intolerance fall asleep after consuming glutens?

by Beverly

Gluten Intolerance Can Make You Sleepy

Gluten Intolerance Can Make You Sleepy

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Lately I've wondered if some of my problems are related to a spastic colon and perhaps gluten intolerance.

Besides the typical bloating and IBS, I have hypothyroid and an impaired immune system.

But I have a rare neuro-nervous system disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) which developed after severe trauma & subsequent surgeries. Impaired immune system also occurs in RSD patients.

I also have swallowing problems that are related to medications to treat RSD- and nerve tingling (also believed to be RSD).

I have strong reactions whenever I eat whole wheat breads and barley.

One of the strangest responses I have is falling asleep after eating barley. I recognized this years ago and thought it was an allergy so avoided anything with barley and/or malted barley.

Recently my doctors have had me eating barley cereal before bed to substitute sleep meds. It works great for sleep but seems to be having a lingering effect. Some days I can't seem to wake up at all. Other days I just fall asleep easily.

Does anyone else notice that glutens cause sleepiness?

Thanks for your help

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Falling Asleep after Eating Gluten
by: Kerri Knox, RN-The Immune Health Queen!

As well meaning as your doctors sound about trying to decrease your medication, it's NEVER a good idea to eat something that you are so obviously allergic or intolerant to.

While it's interesting that you seem to be so specifically intolerant to barley, it's VERY likely that you are gluten intolerant. ESPECIALLY when you give a history of trauma and multiple surgeries.

You see, high stress situations- like a major trauma, surgery, divorce, childbirth etc. cause your intestinal tract to become inflamed. Under 'normal' circumstances, like running away from a Tiger, we experience stress and then we don't.

When this happens, our intestinal lining goes back to normal. But in our modern era, we experience stress on an ongoing basis, causing our intestinal lining to become constantly inflamed- leading to Leaky Gut Syndrome and Gluten Intolerance.

I also HIGHLY suspect that your RSD is related to the leaky gut and gluten intolerance. It is NOT coincidence that you developed this problem after a trauma. You don't just GET diseases randomly, as doctors seem to think. There is a REASON that you developed it after a trauma.

And your story is a VERY common story that I base my entire practice around. The vast majority of my clients report that they "Just haven't felt the same since________________".

So, not only do I suspect that you are gluten intolerant, but that your leaky gut has caused you to not be absorbing your nutrients- leading to Magnesium Deficiency and Vitamin D Deficiency among other problems.

Your 'immune problem' is also likely due to your leaky gut syndrome as well.

I believe that you could resolve a lot of your problems with an anti-inflammatory diet and a regimen of intense nutrient supplementation and gut healing. I do not believe that you are doomed to live your life with RSD, suffering and in pain.

Kerri Knox RN - Functional Medicine for Immune Health

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

sleeping after glutens
by: Anonymous

I don't know much about glutens and sugar and all that but I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I feel "drugged" after i eat sometimes or have a sweet drink and fall asleep whether I like it or not.

Even at a restaurant I have no control and must put my head down on the table. My son has to shake me awake sometimes because he gets scared that I'm not responding to his calls.

I really should keep a log and write down what I'm eating.

sleep with barley
by: Anonymous

Barley, wheat, rye, and possibly corn and oats are all included in the gluten sensitivity group. I had started to suspect gluten sensitivity but forgot and ate plate of spaghetti. I slept for 5 days!

This definitely goes along with thyroid and other autoimmune diseases caused by the hypothyroid. Your doctor gave you TERRIBLE advice as to eating barley to sleep. If you have gluten sensitivity or Celiac Disease, this practice could cause serious harm.

By the way, thyroid causes almost all mental and physical illnesses. Google thyroid and almost any (cancer sites are pretty well hidden) symptom but many are easy to find.

Thyroid and high cholesterol, heart, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Some docs say you don't get diabetes unless you have thyroid problems. This is medicines best kept secret. This year the FDA/medical cartel made Forest Labs reformulate Armour thyroid- the natural kind with all the components of thyroid hormone.

Think the medical cartel has your best interest at heart? Think again. Google depopulation.

I have the same as you!!!!
by: Lit Spirit

I had RSD too after a major RTA. I am also now intolerant to grain and often fall asleep after eating. Id love to connect with you. This is the first time I have found someone with the same symptoms that link with RSD.

You can find me on FB; it would be wonderful to see if there are any other connections.

Lit Spirit

yes, it is common.
by: Anonymous

Falling a sleep or being very tired after consuming something with gluten in it is very common if you have a gluten issue and was, in fact, one of my symptoms of my gluten intolerance. Get checked, or see how you react after eliminating it for a while. Hope that helps.

RSD, Gluten Intolerance, and Sleep
by: Anonymous

Interestingly, I have RSD, and I am allergic to wheat. I ignored the symptoms of wheat allergy for a long time - 20 years, but gave up all gluten over a year ago. I was diagnosed with RSD 15 years ago. I often wonder if it is linked to allergy. My son is gluten intolerant, and we elimintated it from his diet 2 years ago. Upon accidently expore, even in minute amounts, he falls asleep, even while walking! It is quite scary!

by: Eve

I totally get sleepy for not much reason when I eat some bread or pasta or anything that has wheat. AND usually wake up either depressed or seriously cranky. :)

You get sleepy for a VERY good reason
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!


You get sleepy from gluten for a VERY good reason. You are gluten intolerant! Stop eating gluten! You are likely to be causing worse problems down the line by continuing to eat gluten. You've been warned.

Kerri Knox, RN

Skepticism of gluten-related sleepiness
by: PH

We have determined by an elimination diet that my dd has a significant gluten intolerance, and that it makes her incredibly sleepy when she ingests it. We went to a local (traditional) allergy doctor and he was very condescending, completely disbelieving that she could have this response. Not only is it disheartening not to be believed, but it is also not helpful for her. She also has a soy allergy (again, we can see it from an elimination diet) that makes her get skin rashes,so this appears to be an actual allergy rather than just intolerance. But bc the soy allergy wasn't confirmed by the blood test, he is again skeptical of our belief that she experiences a reaction.

What is it in his training and background that makes him so skeptical? We'd like some advice on whether, for example, if she avoids both soy and gluten for some time, whether she is apt to outgrow these responses? They didn't appear start til she was about 15 or 16, although the wheat issue may have been present earlier since she always like to sleep more than other kids.

Avoiding both gluten AND soy turns out to be very difficult and we would love to talk to anyone else who has experienced these two bad actors simultaneously.



gluten & soy intolerance
by: LB

Dear PH,
I am intolerant of a number of food s, and find sleepiness 30mins - 1hr adfter consumption the first indicator. Soy, Gluten & dairy cause rashes, general itchiness, fatigue, if I eat it again over the next couple of days I experience joint pain, stomach discomfort, bowel disturbances, melancholy, fatigue, splitting headaches. I discovered this about 25 years ago, and like you my doctor dimissed me, and simply prescribed anti-inflammatorys and anti-depressents. I avoid CORN, ALL LEGUMES, WHEAT/GLUTEN, OATS, YEAST,& DAIRY.
My actual medical diagnosis all those years ago was CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, & ARTHRITIS.
I don't beleive I "out grow" it (Iam now 48yrs old)but it has made me more concious of my health, I no longer live with any "medical"conditions" or medications.
Stay strong, make yourself aware of EVERYTHING you eat, make all your meals, snacks and treats yourelf, experiment with different flours/grains ie; rice flour, tapioca, amaranth, buckweat. you will be empowered for the experience of gaining this knowledge.

Listen to Your Body
by: Gypsy

I have the exact same problem, which is pretty embarrassing when it happens outside of my home and I can't control it. I will almost instantly start falling asleep, can't keep my eyes open. Whatever doctor said that wasn't possible can kiss my glutened you know what. If this many people say it gives them that reaction, there's got to be something to it. Listen to your body.

Gluten intolerance and bread and sleepy
by: Katherine O'Hara

I too have this intolerance. Today, May 19,2013,
I had a sandwich with a small french loaf with pepperoni and melted cheese. About an hour or so later, I felt like I needed to lay down and i ended up napping a couple of power naps and woke up feeling crappy and cranky. I now have to switch to all gluten free breads. I have to make my own breads too. I also have symptoms of fibromyalgia, IBS, adrenal fatigue, permanent vitamin D problem, and unexplained weight gain (about 30lbs or so 2 summers ago). I also have a consistent and persistent candida in the gut problem.. I also have GERD or reflux problems too.

Most people who share these problems also have brain fog. The most disturbing problem I have is Leptin resistance. My body cannot fully register the amount of leptin floating around in my body. Many blood tests just aren't sensitive enough to register many of these problems. You are not alone!!!!!!

Response to PH re doctor not believing
by: Anonymous

PH - go to another doctor. but also, keep in mind that food allergy tests only test a certain kind of allergy/disease pathway, like IGG or IGA. there are other ways our bodies respond to things that they haven't developed ways of testing yet.

i get rashes after eating honey. i didn't use to, but it developed a sensitivity over the last 2 years. it wasn't until i did an elimination diet that i noticed it. it also causes sores in my mouth. just raw honey. i also have sensitivity to nightshades. some doctors will say that's bunk. i did an elimination diet for a month - was religiou about cutting out 100% of everything that could be a nightshade, including 'natural flavors' on packages - this left me with very little to eat, didn't even eat sandwiches from the store since the bread often uses potato starch. anyway, the moment i ate some pizza with crushed red pepper and tomato, after one month of being nightshade free, my throat had the feeling of being constricted, i got sores on the inside of my mouth and the next three days i felt drugged. also all the stiffness and swollen sensation in my feet and hands came back. i attribute that to nightshades. it's really hard to cut them 100% out of your diet unless you make all your own foods and never eat out.

anyway keep trying elimination diet, and do what you feel is best for you, when your symptoms go away based on what you've cut out, if you feel better, keep doing that, don't feel like you must go to a doctor to 'prove' what your body is already telling you, the doctor may not have the answer or may not be willing to explore it until you find out what is wrong

good luck!

About Celiac and GI
by: Anonymous

It is VERY common for people who have either celiac disease or gluten intolerance to have the issues you are having and almost always have more than one auto immune disease.If you are intolerant or have celiac the more you eat wheat,rye and barley the more damage you do to your insides even without noticing symptoms sometimes but the damage is still being done and can lead to future serious problems that wont go away.If you stop the foods (things youd never think have gluten actually do btw)your chances of stopping the effects are more likely but if you continue it will get worse.

Thyroid disease also has similar symptoms as well as itching,nausea, fatigue,etc if your TSH levels are too high or too low (they should be between 0.03-3).Diabetes another auto immune disease can cause drugged feeling as well and is life threatening if not diagnosed and treated immediately. Best to make a Dr appointment asap and get checked out as it could be something simple or something serious. MS has some of these symptoms as well but its also an auto immune disease.

by: Anonymous

I seem to have developed a reaction to numerous foods. I try to eat a nightshade and grain free diet, but if I stray, I find myself in a dreamlike sleepy state shortly after consuming the offending foods. It is awful and doesn't equate at all to being sleepy after eating a large meal.

This is a really disconcerting event and I am concerned I will fall asleep while working or driving. I wish I could eat a normal diet. I don't have any of the health conditions mentioned above but I do have ulcerative colitis in remission and it is worth noting that the food reactions started after I was in a MVA and took Advil and Tylenol liberally for pain for a couple of months (undiagnosed green stick fractures of pelvis).

Can't seem to find a physician who takes the food reactions I'm experiencing seriously, so I'm left with no choice but to try to deal with it. Seems my best option is an AIP diet but it's so restricting. So no useful advice but I can commiserate with you.

get Hemoglobin A1c tested
by: Anonymous

Falling asleep after eating something with barley or gluten could be a sign of diabetes...pre diabetes or type II diabetes.The only definitive test is having blood test for A1c.

It is common to develop this auto immune disease when you already have another auto immune disease like thyroid disease esp. Hashimotos. Diabetes is very damaging and silent. Don't delay in getting tested.

You can get sleepy after a meal with only even 30 carbs. Could be pasta, potatoes, fruit, sauces, dressings or other grains, etc.

Lifelong Symptoms
by: Anonymous

Retired professional here. For obvious privacy reas ons, I don't want to go into too much detailbut I will tell you that based on my personal experience, doctors have little to no training in human nutrition, nor the effects thereof.

Doctors are definitely good in symptom management, and are also good "body mechanics," however you are not going to find very many specialists who research the gluten issue, because it is just too new. My personal recommendation to each of you is to "follow your gut."

Don't let a doctor tell you something that you have is "all in your head" or even normal, when you suspect it's not. If you look at Jennefer Esposito's story, you'll see the result of a young woman who followed her gut, and it paid off. So little is know on this subject that clinical trials are only just starting on the subject.

Since the science is only beginning, you're going to get a whole lot of bad advice, and a little good. If you "know" you have food issues, do something about it. I solved mine. Don't give up.

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