Can Headaches Be Caused by Fibromyalgia

by LuckyChops

My daughter is 20 she has headaches all day that don't go away for 3years now. We have had every test imaginable done been to many neurologists no one has answer they cant find any thing wrong with her .Her body hurts all over and is always tired and has what she calls pressure headaches sometimes the pain in her head gets really bad . Her neck muscles are always sore and shoulders . Her trigger points are sore everywhere and her eyes always hurt and water she gets no relief from any pain medication They have tried every thing.

She is very sensitive to meds so they have to watch what they give her . They tried Cymbalta she had a bad reaction to it and the same with lyrica she is miserable they ave mentioned she could have fibromyalgia but don't really know for sure.I was just wandering if it could cause headaches like this and what supplements she could take that might help her. She takes 500 mg magnesium a day and 1000 mg C a day her neurologists suggested that I would appreciate any help were at the end of our rope the neurologists really don't know what to do any more.

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Food Sensitivities and Magnesium
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi LuckyChops,

So, first of all, Fibromyalgia doesn't 'cause' anything. It's a SYMPTOM, not a disease. For instance, hair loss can't be 'caused' by knee pain. They are both just symptoms. Please read my page on Fibromyalgia Syndrome vs Disease.

OK, so it sounds as though you've looked into taking magnesium, and that's a good start. That would be the first route that I would try. However, she may simply need a LOT more magnesium than she's taking. Please read my page on Magnesium Dosage. It's possible that she could need double or even triple that amount to get enough magnesium to relieve her headaches- IF magnesium deficiency is the problem, which it's STILL a possibility despite her taking magnesium already.

Next, if her headaches are being caused by magnesium deficiency, she could actually need Vitamin B6, since Vitamin B6 is needed to help absorb magnesium. Taking 100 mg of Vitamin B6 per day could rule out this possibility.

Next, please have her vitamin D levels checked. ANY kind of pain could be a Symptom of Vitamin D Deficiency. Many of her symptoms sound like they could still be due to either magnesium deficiency or vitamin d deficiency or both.

Then, another culprit could be foods. The one most likely food would be Gluten Sensitivity. Gluten is just one of those things that when ANYONE has ANY health problem that won't go away, it could be a problem of gluten sensitivity. Eliminating gluten 100% for 2 months should let you know if that is the problem or not.

If her headaches don't go away after all of these issues have been addressed, then the way that you can rule out other food sensitivities is to have her fast on water only (or on nothing but fresh juices with a low sugar content, ie: apple and greens, for instance) and see if that takes her headaches away. If it DOES, then you can slowly begin to add foods BACK in, one new food every few days to see if that food triggers her headaches.

I assume that she's also eliminated 100% of MSG and ANY and all artificial sweeteners and processed foods of all kinds to see if that helps too. Artificial sweeteners and/or MSG alone could be causing her headaches.

Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

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