Blacking out / passing out from low POTASSIUM

by Karen
(Appleton, Wi. 54956)

I have low potassium. I have been having a lot of strange symptoms the last 2 weeks. I told my doctor and he didn't seem to concerned. But it sure is bothering me. Can I, out of no where, just start to get really hot, feel really sick, look out my eyes and all that I see is black. I feel I'm going to pass out. Plus I'm all clammy, and don't feel like myself. Can low potassium make me feel this way? This is just one of the symptoms.

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Thank-you very much!!!!
Karen Johnston

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by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Karen,

Low potassium is EXTREMELY common and it would take more than 'just' low potassium in order to make you pass out or black out. But electrolyte imbalances could be affecting your blood pressure, which could cause you to pass out when you stand up due to low blood pressure. HOWEVER, passing out and blacking out could mean that you have something VERY VERY serious and you should be checking into this with your doctor. Really, this is something you need to be discussing and finding a reason for with your doctor, not writing on an internet site for answers.

By the way, please read my page on Normal Potassium Levels to see why it's almost certain that you actually have low MAGNESIUM levels.

Kerri Knox, RN

Relying on doctors for answers
by: Anonymous

I have had so many life threatening symptoms that started overnight with a perfectly healthy 30 yr old. Due to me being unable to work, due to complete body neuropathy (with extreme nerve pain), weakness,constant vomiting (losing over 120lbs in a year) vit d and potassium deficient for over 2 years, I no longer have good health insurance and have to rely on state insurance. With state insurance there is no help for people with chronic, undiagnosed symptoms. Doctors are so overwhelmed that they can't take the time to diagnose problems. It is up to the patients to do the doctors work for them. The only way i was tested of for anything was because i forced my doctor to test. Some tests come out negative but we have had a lot of positive results since i have been getting more involved and doing my own research.

Do your research yourself. Don't put your life in someone hands that dont really care if you live or die because they see it all the time. I'm 30 and dying and I'm the only one who has found any so called problems, now i have to find how to treat all of these problems on my own because my doctors hasn't done ANYTHING to help with my symptoms, only i have by forcing my doctor.

l hear ya...mail me low potassium
by: Mel

I totally know how u feel my doc is the same...useless he just doesn't believe me. What r your other symptoms? I too has lost a lot of weight due to bad case of gastritis- very difficult to treat n got severely malnourished.

My potassium dropped v low I near had heart attack.. they gave me supplement to bring levelsbk up then that was it..I was wondering myself how I would sustain this level would make sense to continue supplement for at least a few weeks got no aftercare or no advice on how to control this iv been having muscle cramps weakness n heart ppalps since I left hpsp oh n badly dehydrating which I discovered 4 myself it was low potassium..

last bloods I had done had reading of 340 n nobody twigged this could b d reason 4 my symptoms wat a bunch of idiots!! Low is low means need way more if been seriously struggling n suffering bcoz of poor care..they all treating me like I was mad. I still hav cramps n palps but d dehydrating has subsided. I would say I need a supplement

..awaiting doc to ring me which she hasn't n prob won't..trying to change docs but everybody full. I just dunno how much I need but obviously more.

I still hav tummp prob s so it's hard to get all foods in. Potassium is only obtained from food..I actually thought it was from water but's sad that I had to suffer so needlessly bcoz of poor doctor care n basically idiots sorry.

Get Dr Burg Electrolytes
by: Shannon

You can get Potassium, Magnesium and Sodium in a liquid, powder, or pill form. I like the powder form and just put it in water. I skipped one day of it and woke up with leg cramps, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, weak, hot and felt like I was gunna pass out. I took my Electrolytes and 20 mins later felt better! Chech out Dr Berg's Electrolytes. He has the most Potassium I've found in one serving,1000mgs.I take 2 servings a day but I'm on a Ketogenic Diet and its hard to get all my potassium in so I take his stuff. If your not on a Ketogenic Diet you might wanna take less.

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