B12 injection and migraine

Can B12 injections cause violent 11 day (one dr. visit along with 2 emergency room visits to break it) migraine headaches in a person who has been diagnosed with the hereditary form of pernious anemia and who has to take the shot every month. I was diagnosed 20 years ago and have done the shots every month since then.

I never connected this before but it seems that about 3 days after I take the shot I get a violent migraine that lasts for days and days and days and takes emergency room pain killers to get rid of. When its gone I am totally fine. What does the injection change in the bloodstreem that would cause that. Please respond. Thank you.

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Dont' know how or why
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

I don't know how or why it might be causing your migraines, but if it is, then why don't you simply stop getting shots. Please read my page on Vitamin B12 Shot Problems to see why shots are unnecessary, even for pernicious anemia.

And interestingly, even if you DO have a 'genetic' form of pernicious anemia, you may simply have 'genetic' Gluten Sensitivity and not 'really' pernicious anemia.

Kerri Knox, RN

by: Sam

I had these violent icepick headaches before the b12 injection. Maybe from anemia, PTSD...blood pressure? It's a pulsating quick onset in my forehead and my limbs tingles. Menapausal symptoms maybe? They just started within a 6 month time period and I'm 50 yrs. of age. Very scary. They subside in about 2 minutes.

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