B12 cyanocobalamin in Lipo Flavoinoid

I am currently taking daily vitamin from Pure One which contain B12 (Methylcobalamin. Because of some mutation on my test.

But since I have problem with my ear ringing. The ENT suggested to take Lipoflavonoid. I mentioned that to him, but no answer.....

Is that ok for me to take the Lipoflavonoid which contains different form of B12??

Much appreciate for your respond.


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Some Mutation is probably MTHFR
by: Kerri Knox, RN

Hi Dorothy,

If your 'some mutation' is MTHFR Gene Mutation then no, you CANNOT take anything with cyanocobalamin. There is a reason why you were given a supplement with Methylcobalamin B12 and it's most likely because your genetic makeup cannot tolerate ANY Vitamin B12 except for methylcobalamin, or any synthetic folic acid.

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