Are palpitation, high blood pressure and high Rdw,pdw,plcr related to b12 deficiency?

by Jyoti
(Raebareli,up, India)

I am suffering from palpitation, high blood pressure by few month although my cholesterol level are normal.I have been suffering from joint pain and numbness in my hand last few years. I have blood test in which my alkaline phosphate, rdw ,pdw and plcr level are high is it possible that I am vitamin b12 deficient?

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it's absolutely possible
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

it's absolutely possible that you are B12 deficient. But I seriously doubt that correcting any Vitamin B12 deficiency will solve all of these problems. Health problems are rarely due to one isolated nutritional deficiency.

If you are B12 deficient, then the next question is 'why'? If you are B12 deficient, then it's most likely due to a variety of factors, such as malabsorption of nutrients, food sensitivities, possibly an infection like H pylori, or a genetic quirk such as the MTHFR gene.

Plus, palpitations and high blood pressure are more likely related to magnesium deficiency than B12 deficiency.

Trying to reduce a whole host of symptoms down to taking one pill is somewhat 'magical' thinking. The truth is likely to be far more complex.

I had that
by: Anonymous

Hello : many years ago I had palpitations and some kind of arrhythmia plus very high blood pressure,Doctors made me wear a machine that I had to wear 24 hours a day, they never found anything wrong but it is was very scary for me, I did my own research I started taking chelated magnesium and the problem stopped in a matter of days, I did a blood test and my magnesium and was low, after that even my blood pressure returned to normal.

I was taking up to 1000 mgs a day.

Be careful with taking B-12 if you have low magnesium, it will give you too much energy and your heart won't relax without enough magnesium.
I agree with Kerry, you need to know your B-12 levels before you take it, magnesium is safe but you need to test how diffrent kinds of magnesium works for you, best if it is chelated.

Of course this is my experience and years of research.

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