Any news on B6 and fatty acids?

by kenann

My son suddenly got ill with cardiomyopathy and later passed away. hospital found no deficiencies but our daughter was also diagnosed. no genetic links found. we noticed that he had some arm bumps which could mean b6 deficiency according to "you are what you eat" and his stool got lighter. the hospital seemed oblivious to the role of nutrients but we are using that along with our daughter's medication. my husband and i have no signs of heart disease and there are no genetic causes found!

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Carnitine Deficiency and/or Vitamin D
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Kennan,

Whenever there are more than one child in the family with a cardiomyopathy that's gone undiagnosed, I'd suspect Heart Failure and Carnitine. I know that you said that 'no genetic problems were found', but what your doctors actually mean is that none of the genetic problems (or nutritional issues) that they LOOKED FOR were found. They can't find something that they didn't look for, so just go back over your records and make sure that they actually looked for and tested for a carnitine deficiency problem (or a selenium deficiency or a vitamin d deficiency). They absolutely may not have tested for these things if it's not in their 'routine' to do them, so don't assume that they did simply because they say that they've tested for 'everything'.

Also, did they test for Selenium Deficiency?? This is a VERY common reason for heart failure that may go undiagnosed if you don't live in an area known to have low selenium levels, and it wouldn't show up on a genetic test. Please see my page on Heart Failure from Selenium Deficiency.

In addition, if they've not tested for vitamin D deficiency, I'd INSIST UPON IT, since there is a HIGH correlation between Heart Failure and Vitamin D and there are a few vitamin d experts who suspect that children with 'idiopathic' heart failure are dying simply due to undiagnosed severe vitamin d deficiency.

Hope this helps.

Kerri Knox, RN

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