Alternative to Blood Test?
What Tests are Those?

If you are looking for an Alternative to Blood Test, then you are in the right place. There are actually some very accurate and useful tests as an alternative to blood test. Most tests are done on urine, saliva or stool and all of them are can be mailed to you and the tests done right in your home and mailed to a laboratory for accurate results.

If you have any chronic health problems, these tests are even BETTER than many of the blood tests out there because most of the blood testing that doctors are doing just simply does not find the UNDERLYING CAUSE of these chronic and sometimes debilitation illnesses that so many people suffer from. Yet many of these tests can actually find the CAUSE of your problems and help you to fix them.



Why Get an Alternative to Blood Test?

An alternative to blood test is painless and can be done right in your home. You get the test in the mail, take the test and send it back to the laboratory. Very simple. These tests are also a great alternative for children with chronic illnesses, such as Autism, because they are so easy to do. These tests are well researched, accurate and useful- yet only a handful of doctors are using these tests because they don't promote the current medical culture of drugs and surgery.

In the case of chronic health problems, like the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia for example, most often drugs just do not work and there are no surgeries that work. The same goes for:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dementia or Alzheimer's Disease

 And the list goes on-and-on. If you have a chronic health problem that is not being SOLVED or CURED by your doctor, then get one of these 'Alternative to Blood Test' tests and find out what is REALLY causing your problems.

Your Choices

All of the Tests outlined here are:

    • Mailed To Your Home
    • You mail it back to the Lab in a prepaid mailer
    • Results will be Emailed to you
    • You make an appointment to discuss your results
The Matrix Assessment Profile: Frustrated by the dietary restrictions and other lifestyle changes that have become a regular part of your daily life? I invite you to watch this special webinar presentation to find out the real reasons behind what’s going on with your health... and how to finally get relief from these symptoms once and for all!

Comprehensive Nutritional Testing: This test, called the Organix Profile is probably the most comprehensive nutritional test that you can take. If you want to know about how your nutritional status is, then THIS is the test for you. Over 45 'metabolites' are measured to tell you about your:
    The Organix Profile
  • Vitamin and Mineral Status
  • Ability to Burn Fats and Carbohydrates
  • Ability to Detoxify Substances
  • Mitochondrial Health- the energy production centers of each and every cell
  • Neurotransmitter Production- can tell you about depression and mood problems
  • Antioxidant Status- 'Oxidative Stress' can lead to cellular damage and premature aging
All of this information is in ONE painless test that you do in your home.


Adrenal Function Test: Adrenal function test Doctors seem to believe that your adrenal glands can't malfunction or become weakened- even though the other glands in the body can. But the adrenal glands produce most of your stress hormones- and the 'raw materials' of stress hormones can get 'Stolen' from your thyroid and your sex hormones! If you are tired or have ANY hormonal problems, this In-Home test done on SALIVA is a great test.


Intestinal Pathogen Test: One of the PRIMARY CAUSES of many chronic illnesses is an intestinal infection. If you have EVER had an intestinal infection, had digestive problems in a foreign country or have a diagnosed intestinal problem, no matter WHAT the problem and no matter WHAT your doctor has told you, you COULD have an intestinal pathogen. This in home test done on stool samples is easy to do- even on children.


Gluten and Casein Peptides Test: Wheat and Milk are common food intolerances, and this test checks for the undigested proteins, called peptides, that may be present in the urine of those who are unable to break them down, leading to digestive and neurologic problems. This in home test done on a simple urine sample is easy to do- even on children.


Breast Cancer Risk Test Intestinal Permeability Testing: Get tested for 'Leaky Gut Syndrome' with this in home Saliva test. This accurate test can help you to determine if your health problems are due to food particles entering your bloodstream- which can lead to food allergies, autoimmune disease and contributes to many types of illness.


Vitamin D Blood Spot Test Vitamin D In-Home 'Spot' Test: While technically not an 'alternative to blood tests', this test is done on a just a drop of blood that you can do yourself at home. Research on vitamin d is showing that up to 85% of the population is deficient- even when taking supplements or getting 'plenty' of sunshine. Could YOU be deficient?


Hydrochloric Acid Deficiency Test: You don't need to order this test or talk to a practitioner at all. You can do this test at home yourself and get the results. This is a VERY useful test for anyone with heartburn, gas bloating or digestion issues.


IGG Food Allergy Test With Candida: Think something you are eating might be 'bugging' you? Get this affordable 'basic' test that can help you determine if have a sensitivity to the most common food allergens


23andMe Genetic Test: Comprehensive and inexpensive genetic test. Find out what genetic 'quirks' you have that you can do something about.




These alternative to blood test tests are accurate, useful and painless. If you have been struggling with a chronic health problem, take a look at these amazing nutritional tests to find out WHY you haven't been getting well. There IS a reason- and a solution- to your health problems...

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