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Don't worry, it won't be painful...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Dale,

You can stop worrying. 'Aggressive' vitamin d treatment entails taking a few pills! That's it. And it could really help you to feel better.

Unfortunately, it's VERY likely that your doctor's idea of treating your Vitamin D Deficiency aggressively is to give you Prescription Vitamin D. So, before you begin taking the vitamin D that your doctor gives you, be sure to read why researchers are saying that Prescription Vitamin D is Not Suitable for Supplementation.

And you may want to consider taking Vitamin D3 Supplements at the same dosage.

Dale, you may also want to INSIST that your doctor do a Methylmatlonic Acid Test for Vitamin B12 levels (NOT a Vitamin B12 Level). The vast majority of people get Vitamin B12 Deficiency after gastric bypass and doctors just simply overlook this.

But since doctors are NOT going to look for any other vitamin deficiencies and it's likely that you are deficient in more than just ONE vitamin, you may want to simply take matters into your own hands and get an Organix Profile that will test for multiple nutrient deficiencies and can help determine whether some of your health issues are due to toxicity problems.

Dale, I'm so sorry that your doctors did not prevent this in the first place. It is almost inevitable that gastric bypass patients are going to develop multiple vitamin deficiencies and simply recommending a High Quality Multivitamin Supplement Pack could have helped to prevent these problems in the first place.

And if your doctors dispute that, you can point them to This Study from the Mayo Clinic about preventing polyneuropathy after gastric bypass.

So, Dale, I really hope that the Vitamin D helps with your pain, but remember that your Vitamin D deficiency is likely not in isolation and that you may have many other deficiencies that your doctors wouldn't even know HOW to test for even if they wanted to.

Bypass Train Wreck
by: Tracie

What if the Vitmain D treatment doesn't work?? What then?? I am 8 year postop. Just finished my aggressive Vitamin D treatment without any change in my levels.

What should we try now??? I have undergone 5 sets of 8 iron infusion treatments for over the last 5 years and am looking at another in the next 7 weeks or so.

I know what signs to looks for now so my levels don't get as low as they look for. I don't know if the bypass was worth it or now.

I have more health problems now than before my surgery. I need some advice.

What Kind of Bypass..
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Tracie,

I'm assuming that you had gastric bypass surgery? Or is it heart bypass? I'm assuming that you mean that you have been having severe nutritional issues since your gastric bypass surgery?

If I'm right let me know. In the meantime, as far as getting your levels up, please take a look at the Vitamin D Absorption page and you'll see that there are several things that you can do to get your levels up.

You also don't say how much vitamin d that you took, but a lot of what doctors consider 'aggressive' is really not very aggressive at all so it would help me to know how much your doctor gave you.

You also need to read my page on Magnesium and Vitamin D to see why you probably also need 'aggressive' magnesium deficiency treatment as I outline on my Magnesium Dosage page EVEN if your Magnesium Level was completely normal.

To get extra magnesium, you can also use Transdermal Magnesium Gel since you may not be absorbing very well.

So, stop worrying. It's not a problem to get your level up, your doctor just is probably not going about it the right way.

So, let me know what you've been doing already and I'll try to help you out. We'll get your levels up.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

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