Adrenal Supplements Making Me Feel Worse

by Lynn
(ventura county , ca,usa)

Dr said low on all hormones and gave me DHEA(5mg) to try and just got hot and sweaty from trying it. Also prescribed capsules of progesterone and groggy in morning and lower legs felt slow or thick.

The pregnenolone no bad reactions so tried for awhile and seemed to help a little.
why reactions from DHEA. next Healthcare(?) person said maybe immune or thyroid as well as adrenal and sold me adrenal glandulars(she should have told me as last time tried glandulars felt worse, did again this time(was so tired, me who read labels for the last 30 yrs, didn't time, till felt poorly after taking it.).

She also did a reverse T3 and said that could make thyroid tired also. present Dr said hasn't tested RT3 in years, is testing my cortisol,ACTH,cpep,and glucose.

Wish they had a urine for all this as that tool 4 tubes of blood and already am rather underweight trying to gain more.
Thanks for ideas.
be well

Lynn D

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That's a LOT to ask of me ...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Lynn,

Ughh. Your email is asking a LOT of me. I'm not even sure where to start, but here it goes. OK, first of all, you need to have a Salivary Adrenal Hormone Test to get any accurate info about your adrenals for two reasons:

1) Blood tests are done only once and you have a 'rhythm' of cortisol throughout the day. Did they match up the time that they took the blood test to the correct level of cortisol for that time? Even if they did, what if your cortisol was low at the time that they took it, but later on it was VERY high- say just before bedtime? Then your whole test is off.

2) Blood tests INHERENTLY scare people and are painful. Pain and fear make your cortisol levels rise, so if you level was low, it may actually be even LOWER than your blood test will tell you!!

Salivary tests are the ONLY adrenal tests that are accurate, blood tests are useless.

So that's the first thing. Second, I don't use pills for DHEA and Pregnenolone, I use sublingual liquid because you can 'titrate' it better and only take one single drop 10 times per day if that works best for you. You can't do that with pills.

Next, you may need to take Pregnenolone and DHEA for up to 6 months to see real results. The improvements are subtle and occur over time. If the pregnenolone made you feel 'a little better', then why did you stop??

Last, are you addressing the reason WHY you have Adrenal Gland Fatigue? While finding and taking care of your adrenal problems is TERRIFIC, it's really part of symptom management. There is an underlying problem causing your adrenal gland fatigue and continually treating your adrenals will never solve that.

So, the likely culprits for most people are:

Gluten Sensitivity

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Environmental Toxin Exposure

Intestinal Pathogens such as the H Pylori Bacteria

Malnutrition, processed foods, poor nutritional choices, improper food choices, or a whole host of other problems.

Until you address and eliminate these problems, you'll never get better. So, are you doing anything about these problems?

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Adrenal Supplements
by: Cindi

PLEASE try going gluten free for a week.{Kerri's note: While going gluten free for a week is a nice thought, I personally NEVER EVER recommend going gluten free for 'only' a week. While a VERY small amount of gluten sensitive people will notice a change in one week, most will not and they will need to go gluten free for AT LEAST 2 months to see a major difference].
It is so worth the try.
If you do not notice any changes by then, I don't know.
I feel 90% better...gluten free 10 weeks.
Have lost 9 lbs. I am not fond of doctors and their "suggestions".
Good luck. Hope you feel better soon !

getting healthier
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the ideas
Had been doing glutenfree, grainfree SCD meals and it helped slowly return digestion better. 1 Dr tried B12 injections and it helped immensly for thinking clearly sometimes (he said would rid toxins in brain). Has stopped the pregnenolone as forgot, too much with taking care of mother and 2 teens....Now try first to see what need for the day and incorporate that in also. Still trying to get in habit. Was low on D (22) , nver went up on D3 supplements(2000/day). Trying fermented cod liver oil currently.


Lynn D

Food sensitivities
by: Anonymous alimac

Gluten can stay in the body for 6am months so one week may not be enough four you to know if it's helping. Also, othrr food sensitivities could be contributing to symptoms so you may not not think gluten free is helping when it its but it's only a contributing factor.

straighting out your hormones
by: Anonymous

I have severe Addison's disease and was expected to die from it! All of my hormone systems shut down including thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, pineal gland, it caused severe hypoglycemia, low blood pressure, irregular heart beat etc. It destroyed my whole body! I have to take all of the sex hormones through patches, creams or orally. What I have learned is that it takes time once you have started on hormone medication to work itself out. Your body is in a state of hormonal shock. Your body is hyper, hyper sensitive!! Any added hormones can wreak havoc for a while. If you are female make sure that you are addressing low estrogen and progesterone levels and testosterone levels. Make sure that your thyroid is working optimally. If you are male keep an eye on your testosterone level and your progesterone levels as well as your thyroid. Be on the correct level of hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone. Use fast acting sublingual hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone for emergencies such as needing additional supplementary hormones for additional stress. They work faster than an injection. Simplify your life and stay positive.

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