Abnormal Vitamin D Blood Levels

by Concerned

I have been having some problems with hair loss, fatigue, leg cramps, joint pain, redness on cheeks and nose, palpitations, frequent pleurisy or pneumonia and trouble swallowing. I had a complete thyroid panel work up and ultrasound. I had several thyroid nodules that was recommended for biopsy; however, when I went for the second scan on the surgery day, they were smaller.

Here are my results:

Vitamin D: 7
PTH: 90.8
Antimicrosomal Anitbody: 4226
Thyroglobulin Antibody: 90
Calcium: Low side of normal
Albumin: normal
Thyroid nodules in the beginning 1cm +

I am awaiting the results of my ANA, ESR, CRP and a couple others.

Any ideas? I would appreciate any suggestions or things they may need to be checked.

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your vitamin d level is nonexistant
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Ummm, yes, I have an idea. Your vitamin d level is practically nonexistent. You might want to consider the factors that led it to BECOME nonexistent and correct those factors. In all likely hood, if your vitamin d level is nonexistent then the levels of your other fatty acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Omega 3 fatty acid profiles are probably terrible too. Your magnesium levels is likely to be low too.

In other words you are probably EXTREMELY malnourished and your doctors are unlikely to find that or even look for it on any blood tests because they don't believe that anyone in the US could be malnourished.

You probably have severe gluten sensitivity and that is almost certainly the cause of your high levels of thyroid antibodies since ALL AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE starts with a leaky gut which almost always starts with gluten sensitivity. But they won't check for either (and it's better that they don't because they will ONLY check for Celiac Disease which you probably don't have- and then they will tell you that gluten is NOT your problem and eat as much as you want to) and it's likely that you need to change your entire diet with a complete 180 degree turn and take massive amounts of targeted HIGH QUALITY vitamin and mineral supplements until you get your body back on track again- but you'll not be told that by your doctors either.

Please read this site carefully. Everything that I've just told you I've discussed in this site hundreds of times over and over again. You WiLL find the answers to your questions here if you care to do some research and look.

Kerri Knox, RN

a suggestion
by: Anonymous

i have had the same symptoms and more for years and have just been diagnosed with adult onset cystic fibrosis...bit of a shock at 27 but at least i had 27 years of reasonably good health, not sure yet what's to come. Your post struck me because the main symptoms of CF are mucus build up in the lungs and bowels and recurrent chest infections and which lead to pneumonia. There are some simple tests they can do like a sweat test but this isn't the most reliable way, given your symptoms is worth asking your doctor!

CF diagnosis??
by: Gloria

When I went for a Biofeedback assessment and corrections CF came up for me and I didn't really have any "particular" symptoms. Later I read a book by Dr. Joel Wallach where he believed that a selenium deficiency can be a causal factor for CF.
So I did start taking some selenium. I just take the basic 200 mcg but a doctor was recommending a higher dose of 400 to 800 mcg. I didn't have any particular symptoms, but have Sheehan's syndrome so lots of things don't work well -- SO I too take lots of supplements.

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