Your An ANGEL!! Vitamin D Deficiency and Lyme Disease??

by Amy Hunter
(Aylett, Virginia)

Thank You for your quick reply to my last post. I will be taking Vitamin D3 and Magnesium, not OXIDE, rather CHELATED Magnesium to boost my 5.6 Vit. D level as per your site info. No extra calcium, I eat lot's of yogurt, cheese, etc.,no wonder the high cholesterol, I'm working on that.

Found another website of yours mentioning Lyme Disease and Vit. D. I live in the woods here in Aylett, VA and enjoy working in my yard. Have had more than my share of ticks over the last years. Last summer I had a VERY sore neck and swollen lymph nodes(scalp/neck) and a dead tick in my hair!! Don't know why I missed this as I wash my hair EVERY day. Never the less, I called my Doctor on Monday and was told to take Benedryl(sp?) and put ice on it. Was in so much pain I went to a (Doc In The Box) on Saturday and got antibiotics, whew thanks, that's what I needed!!!

Might I have Lyme disease, should I be checked. Is it called "Western Blot")THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO, Amy in Virginia

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Possible that you have Lyme Disease
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Amy,

It's possible that you have Lyme Disease, but unfortunately most tests don't actually diagnose it very well. Yes, there is a western blot, but that is only one test and there are several others- most of which give false negative results.

If you DO decide to proceed with the Lyme Disease testing, then make sure that you get a doctor that specializes in Lyme Disease and not just 'any old doc' as it will be not worth your time or money to work with a doctor who is not EXTREMELY knowledgeable in it- and preferably that is his one and only specialty.

As far as cholesterol, yogurt and cheese don't cause high cholesterol, but PASTEURIZED milk products can contribute to it. Humans have eaten raw milk products for thousands of years without problems and have lived long and healthy lives with milk as one of their primary source of calories.

In fact, probiotics were first 'discovered' by Nobel prize winner √Člie Metchnikoff when he began studying the super healthy villagers in Bulgaria whose main caloric intake was raw fermented dairy kept in goat skins that they drank all day long and carried with them to work like a lunch box.

Thousands of years of raw milk products didn't see people keeling over from heart disease. In fact, the cultures that ate raw dairy were, historically, amazingly healthy. It's PROCESSED foods, stress and inflammation that lead to high cholesterol and heart disease.

And the whole cholesterol issue is practically without merit anyway. Please take a look at the The 60 Day Cholesterol Cure program to see why measuring cholesterol levels is worthless and 'treating' high cholesterol can even be dangerous.

Cholesterol is NOT a problem. Cholesterol is an antioxidant that rises in RESPONSE to other problems going on in your body in order to protect you. By 'just' lowering cholesterol without addressing exactly what your cholesterol level is trying to protect you FROM is dangerous.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

vitamin d
by: Anonymous

Hi there i know this i old topic but maybe somebody knew...i think i have lyme but this is not the question , from when i start take vitamin D 4000u with k2 i got pain in my knees and i saw on mirror i get them crooked knees wtf ? maybe i have to mutch of it or maybe its calcium relted cuz i definitly have problem with bleeding gums..

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