Whey Protein Powder on a Gluten Free Diet...

If I try the 60-90 day gluten-free diet to test sensitivity, do I need to be concerned about consuming Whey Protein Powder?

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Whey Protein on Gluten Free Diet..
by: Kerri Knox, RN-The Immune Health Queen!

So, the answer to your question is yes, it's fine and no it's not. Part of the point of the gluten free diet is to find out what you are and are not sensitive to, as far as allergenic foods.

So, I usually ask my clients to not only go gluten free for 2 months, but to go off of dairy, corn and soy for at least 2 weeks each and pay attention to how they feel when they add them back in.

So, since whey protein is a dairy, I would suggest that you DON'T use it, or any dairy at all, for 2 weeks, THEN you can try it and see (making sure that it is a gluten free whey protein).

Having said that, most people CAN tolerate whey protein even if they can't tolerate dairy because it is low in lactose and casein. If you CAN tolerate whey protein, that it great because it is very healing and has some anti-inflammatory properties for the immune system and the digestive tract.

If you DO use whey protein, I recommend Defense Nutrition's Whey Protein Powder. It's the only protein powder that I know that is from grass fed cows (VERY important to prevent unnecessary toxins and hormones).

Check it out.

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