What's the Right Amount of Vitamin D

by Suz

What's the RIGHT amount of Vitamin D?

What's the RIGHT amount of Vitamin D?

I'm hip to vitamin D and the higher levels for so many conditions -- especially the Swine Flu. Right now I take 5,000 IU (right in Jigsaw Health Essential Daily Packs). For awhile I was taking 10,000 IU. It seems as if the 10K is too much.

I just had a yearly blood test along with a Hydroxy 25 vitamin D test and my levels came out at 60ng. This is good because they were much lower last year and I was slightly deficient. So it's definitely working. I also walk 5-7 days/week during the days so I'm getting vitamin D that way.

I don't want my levels to get much higher because over 100ng on the test, the D starts causing issues. With the winter coming, I might be walking a little less. My question is: Is the 5K the right dose or is 10K the right dose? My doc thought that 5K was a high dose but he might not be as knowledgeable about D as others are.

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Right amount of Vitamin D
by: Kerri Knox, RN-The Immune Health Queen!

Hi Suz,

It seems that you have REALLY got your act together as far as vitamin D is concerned. If you were taking 10,000 IU's per day to get your levels to 60 ng (which is a PERFECT level by the way), then it's likely that you won't need that much to MAINTAIN 60ng.

In other words, the dose to RAISE your levels is usually higher than the dose needed to MAINTAIN your levels. So, 5000 IU's is probably just fine and you can get your levels taken again in about 3 months to make sure that they are staying in the optimal range.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune Health.com

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