What magnesium did for my heart(ventricular tachycardia)

by Norman
(Brooklyn,New York,USA)

Norman Saved His Heart Using Magnesium! Yeah!!

Norman Saved His Heart Using Magnesium! Yeah!!

Since 2000 I've had some very serious bouts with the heart condition Ventricular Tachycardia.I've passed out twice and had to be defibrillated once and on many occasions I couldn't even climb stairs for fear that my heart would go crazy and I would get light-headed.So serious was my condition that two surgeries(the most recent being in 2006 at the prestigious New York Presbyterian,known for their heart care)couldn't solve it.

They were actually on the brink of implanting a defibrillator but because of my reservations they sent me home on strong medication instead.

Since that time I had read so much on heart nutrition and on how critical magnesium was for general and especially heart health that I was convinced that,being a highly competitive soccer player that magnesium deficiency along with other dietary factors most likely was behind my condition.

Let me add here that I was totally blown away by the wealth of Research done by the World Health Organization linking magnesium deficiency to heart disease among loads of other health conditions.

Sometime around early 2008 I really went at my health more aggressively with nutritional tweaks and changes.I started consuming more marine based green/superfood powders and magnesium supplements.

I started noticing a difference in my heart workings and when it got too convincing I went to my cardiologist and told him that I would like to reduce my meds to see if I really still needed that dosage or any at all.He was very polite but stubborn and he talked me out of trying anything that he believed could worsen my condition.In fact,such was
the polarity of our views that while I was trying to reduce my meds he was telling me he was still convinced that I needed a defibrillator.So admittedly,he won that battle.

Around September I was able to find what I believe to be some of the best water in the USA,maybe even the world. This is water from Adobe Springs in California(bottled under Noah's California Spring Water)and has one of the highest levels of natural magnesium at 110mg/liter.

According to Mineral Waters.org, Poland Springs which is one of the most popular waters around (well at least in the New York area) has only 1mg/liter of magnesium and most other waters don't fare much better.

In a matter of weeks though the message from my mind/body intuition was too compelling.I decided I would reduce my medications gradually and accept whatever consequences that might follow.

I know all doctors are totally against this action but I do believe that with certain health conditions conventional medicine would never trust a patients intuition over Big Science and a continued stalemate would've been inevitable.

In short,as I am writing this It's almost 3 months since I've been off all medication. Playing soccer,weights and doing everything to the max with no signs whatsoever that I've ever even had a heart condition before.

I truly believe the high-magnesium water and other magnesium-loaded foods is to a very very high degree responsible for that turn around.I'm not advertising when I say this but I truly wish the world to know more about this water and this super mineral.

Magnesium is incredible beyond words.


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Fantastic testimony!!
by: dash

I have added 100 mg of magnesium under a doctor's supervision 2X A DAY now. I have in a few weeks lowered my blood pressure from about 160/90 to about 138/82.

This seems to be coming down and staying down, with the lowest reading at 127/74! I have not seen these numbers since being on tons of meds and feeling like garbage.

Your testimony gives me courage to forge ahead. My doctor is leaving ......they are not renewing his contract and he is smarter then they all are combined.

I am really upset but I will continue on and my goal is to get off the last med I am on, as I don't believe I need meds but I do believe I need electrolyte balance. I am hoping to find that.

What magnesium did for my heart(ventricular tachycardia)
by: Norman

Hi Dash,

Thanks for your comments.I'm happy for you,you look to be on the right track.Keep researching and trust your mind/body intuition.It's unfortunate that Conventional Medicine seems to operate under the credo that 'if you can see it, you can cut it,laser or medicalize it but never nutritionalize it'.

Don't get me wrong I do believe that there's a place for surgery and all of the above,but I am even more convinced that just about every ailment(even genetic) have their origins in some nutritional deficiency.

Even if you are really advanced and require immediate surgery,nutritional therapy should always be the major part of any patient's recovery.

Unless this approach is incorporated into modern medicine people will continue to suffer long and needlessly. Conventional medicine doesn't have a clue about the power of nutritional therapy and would never admit it. It's like if they can't do it with their expensive tools then no other method can.

And that's really sad.

Here's to great health.


magnesium cured my severe arrhythmia
by: Catherine


I had the same dramatic response as you did with magnesium For 20 years i suffered from arrhythmia--PVCs. I tried different beta blockers to no avail. Last year they became so intense at every other beat with triplets often occuring--dizzyness and nausea. The cardiologist told me the next step would be heart ablation or pacemaker. This was not acceptable to me, so like you, I put out various enquiries and researched alternatives. Dr. Davis of the heartscan blog told me to investigate magnesium. I was amazed at the overwhelming body of evidence surrounding magnesium and arrhythmia. It took a while to get the right type of magnesium and dosage down, but I saw quick results.
(I use magnesium taurate--specifically for the heart and Natural Calm ionized mag citrate.)

Within a month ALL arrhythmia was gone and so was my insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and muscle twitching/tension. I am so dismayed that after all these years and 4 different cardiologists, not one (except for Dr. Davis) ever even mentioned trying magnesium.
Glad for your continued success,
keep spreading the word!

cured my palpitations
by: sue

I had intermittent tachycardia and also premature atrial contractions and occasionally, dropped beats. My cardiologist told me that I might try magnesium, and it has totally resolved my abnormalities.

I had to play around with the doses, and found that if I take a calcium supplement, that I need more magnesium, but am great now on 3 tablets of 250 mg magnesium carbonate tabs a day.

what should u recomend
by: Daniel

Hello my name is Daniel , and for the past 8 months ive had about 4 episodes of svt , at first i did not know what it was i taught it was just anxiety and panic attacks ,iam a soccer player and thats what sucks ive had to stop it completly beacuse last month i was diagnosed with svt after having an episode while i was playing soccer , ive been reaserching all kinds of ways to eat healthy and try curing my self the natural way. ive read that pottasium and magnesium are good for arythmias svt . been eating healthier ever since what would u consider i do , have an svt episode like once a month. But i want to keep on playing soccer , its my passion.

Read this thread
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

I recommend you read the thread on Heart Palpitations and Magnesium.

NSVT during pregnancy, 17000 pvcs a day after.
by: Gillian

I developed ventricular tachycardia during the beginning of my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Cardiologists were nervous, but my heart was healthy so they seemed to think I'd be ok. They put me on metoperolol and I rode out the pregnancy with numerous dizzy spells. My worst spell was shortly after I delivered. They had seperated me from my baby because my heart acted up after my scheduled c section (scheduled due to tachycardia). I fell asleep and woke up suddenly and couldn't breathe. My heart was racing and pounding. I thought for sure I was going to die. I didn't and my heart calmed down, but it took longer than ever before.

I was finally sent home, and my heart had slowed down, but I had constant PVCS. Doctors had not really mentioned magnesium, one agreed that I should take a supplement, but did not explain what kind or how much. I layer found out my blood levels were on the low end of normal, which didn't concern the cardiologists. I now know blood tests aren't very accurate for showing deficiency. 5 weeks after I delivered, I was bothered by my constant palps, and decided to take a magnesium supplement and eat a banana. My heart went from pvcs every 3 beats to 1 every 50. I felt like I just hit the jackpot! It made so much sense.

Before I developed my arrhythmia, I suffered from unrelenting headaches for 20 weeks. I had other symptoms of deficiency I had overlooked as well. I have started taking 1000 mg of a good mag supplement a day, and I am hopeful that this will do the trick. I cannot believe how this dangerous deficiency is overlooked by doctors and patients alike. There is certainly not enough talk about it. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

I am hopeful that magnesium will fix my condition and that my cardiologist will then be aware and focus on magnesium with other patients. How many people develop arrhythmias out of the blue in healthy hearts and are given no solutions, only scary heart medications which do very little if anything? I feel lucky to have figured this out months into my severe deficiency rather than years

getting off the atenolol
by: Izzy

Hello Norman,

Your story is very inspiring! I had tachycardia few years ago, then my heart got checked, everything was fine but to prevent these epizodes from happening the doctor gave me atenolol (beta blocker). I regret that I started taking it...My body got used to it and each time I tried to stop atenolol by tappering off a few milimeters of the small pill I had tachycardia again...
My question is - what medication were you taking?
Atenolol is actually for high blood pressure and mine was always low...I want to stop taking it gradually (I'm taking magnesium chloride) maybe also with the help of homeopathic remedies.

The side effects of beta blockers are not nice :)
Hair loss, skin rashes, low sex drive possible diabetes, eben depression....

I know our bodies are meant to work without drugs...God made them & He did an amazing job :)

All the Best!


Heart Vibrates
by: Daizy

Thank you for sharing your story Norman.
Does anyone feel as if their heart is shivering/flapping/vibrating? I was diagnosed with PVCs, SVT, ventricular tachy, tachy in sinus rythm, and recently, heart has been fluctuating rapidly between 300-4 Am waiting for a holter monitor.

Meanwhile, I was taking a liquid multimins, but now re introducing liquid magnesium from Trace Minerals.

My cardio never told me what type of arrythmia caused the heart to "vibrate" The nurse lost the paper I noted down the type of sensations alongside occurence of event.

Which types of magnesium are you all taking, and how long did it take to work?

Many thanks

Reverse osmosis water and heart palpitations
by: Anonymous

Usually magnesium in the water replaces the loss of salts in the body. But when water purified through reverse osmosis (mineralless) is taken continuously several heart problems can occur.

I started having severe palpitations after using the RO water for more than 5 years. After I learned that it cause several problems including preventing stomach membrane to absorb Vitamin B, I stopped drinking it and drink boiled normal water. Within a week I improved and never had it even once so far again.

Great story
by: Elyse

I've read your story a few times now--typically when I'm feeling motivated about my own treatment. My v-tach has not been sustained as of yet. My longest episode was ten seconds in 2012 and resulted in my vision going black. I had a six-beat episode caught on an event monitor last month. My heart also goes in and out of nine other rhythms but they are benign.

I'm taking magnesium (heart calm) 400mg a day and still having episodes. I also do intensive ballet and eat a healthy diet. I've been having increased episodes of all rhythms since having a sustained heart rate of 280 for seven minutes two months ago.

Do you take any magnesium supplements in addition to food and water? Do you have any idea about how many milligrams you're getting per day? I'm going to increase my dose soon. I'm also on beta blockers because my resting rate has been in the 100s my entire life and am not willing to stop these, even as against medication as I am. I know high resting rates are strongly correlated to early mortality and not even triathlons have decreased my rate.

Thanks for your input. Your story is inspiring.

What an inspiring story!
by: Miriam

WOW your story is truly inspiring to me! So happy to hear that Magnesium helped your ventricular tachycardia, which I know is one of the more serious ones! I have sinus tachycardia, Doctors ran all sorts of tests (EKG, Holter, echocardiogram), and was diagnosed sinus tachycardia. Doctors say my heart is structurally sound, my heart rhythm is normal but fast, so all I need is to keep heart rate down. They say I'm not a candidate for an ablation either. They write it off as "anxiety" when they can't figure out the cause. They swear this is not life-threatening, but don't care if it's debilitating and interfering with my daily life! Also, they are clueless about Magnesium or any heart supplements whatsoever. I was on Propranolol as needed, then I got pregnant and got switched to Metoprolol, but it's not keeping my heart rate down as much on rest. I'm also very sedentary, so I wonder if a little exercise could be the answer. Wish I could go off of beta blockers completely, but if I don't take them, I'll have a racing heart as soon as I get up and around. Even now with beta blocker, at rest, my heart rate is elevated (even though it's within the normal range). Even magnesium only helps me a bit. I took Magnesium Taurate, but didn't help much either. Now taking the Magnesium Oxide with vitamin B6, which Pharmacist said it has better absorption. I'm hoping to go off the Metoprolol eventually, and just control my tachy with exercise and Magnesiumm, as the Lopresor gives me extreme fatigue, weight gain and shortness of breath. It sucks, and it's debilitating, but I'm also scared to go back to a racing heart of 100+ bpm and the Magnesium not being effective by itself. What would you recommend as far as supplements? Have you (or anyone here) ever tried "Heart Calm" or Magnesium Taurate by Cardiovascular Research Ltd? Would love to hear your suggestions, as this anxiety about my heart is consuming me and taking my joy of living. :( Thank you!

Best form of magnesium
by: Justin

Your pharmacist is DEAD WRONG about magnesium oxide having better absorption!! It is the least absorbed of all of them!! Never trust a conventional doctor or pharmacist for nutritional advice. Do you own research and keep cross checking it. Oxide is nothing more than a cheap colon cleanse. Magnesium chloride, taurate, gkycinate are all SUPERIOR absorbing forms. Also add L-Carnitine, CO-Q19 and prob most important D-Ribose.

Ventricular Tachycardia
by: Anonymous

So what our naturopathic doc is using for my sons VT is a combo of magnesium citrate and magnesium malate along with other nutritional supplements. Mag oxide is the most poorly absorbed.

He is also doing accupuncture and a somewhat Mediterranean diet. We can already tell a difference after a week. If doctors would tell ppl about magnesium, they will lose money. Look up mag deficiency. It is linked to dang near every disease/disorder out there.

Magnesium also carries the other electrolytes where they need to go so if ur mag deficient, ur more than likely low on those too! I am iron deficient so i have to take iron and mag 3-4 hrs apart bc they compete and u will only get one or the other. Also take B complex and D to help absorption of mag. Take C to help iron.

Magnesium Taurate
by: Herb Dickens

These comments will be brief.

When I was in my late 50's and early 60's I suffered from Tachycardia attacks that came upon me out of nowhere. I thought I was going to die. The medical profession put me on various medications and nothing worked.

After I had open heart surgery at the Veteran's Administration in Gainesville, Florida in July/2010 the Tachycardia attacks continued. I thought I was going to die. Out of desperation I started researching what I could do and met a fellow Veteran at the V.A. in Orlando, Florida who had the same problem as me. His Physician recommended "Magnesium Taurate".

I purchased a bottle and took 3 pills with my first evening meal. After that, I have taken one Magnesium Taurate pill every day with my evening meal. That was in April/2011. To this day (February 25, 2019) I have never ever had a reoccurrence of Tachycardia.

I never saw the Veteran again who told me about Magnesium Taurate, but I am eternally grateful for his recommendation. Magnesium Taurate literally saved my life, whereas the medical profession could not solve my problem.

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