Vitamine D overdose

by jeanne

I have been taken 880000UI vitamine D3 in 5 weeks (I misunderstood the doctor). My level went from 5.9 ng to 42ng. Yet, while taking the vitamine D, I felt strongly my bloodstream through my legs and feet. My feet contracted and my calves tingled.

I got my period which relaxed the feet and the tingling in the calves went away.
Now, 8 months later, my both feet are very painful (plantar fascia stiff) and they tingle.
I went to the hospital. Bones, calcium, phosphore are fine. EMG was fine too. I will still have a skin biopsy to check on Small fibers neuropathy.

My feeling is that this pain comes from this very high dose of vitamin D taken in a short time.
Does it sound possible to you ?
Thank you for your answer.

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Not a high dose and not a toxic level
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Jeanne,

Two problems with your theory. First of all, 800,000 IU's is not that high of a dose. For a vitamin d level of 5.9 ng/ml, you would need to take close to one million IU's to effectively bring your level up so that is actually NOT a very high dose despite you misunderstanding your doctor and taking the wrong dose.

Please also see my page on Overdose on Vitamin D to see that in East Germany for many years, newborn infants were given a shot of 600,000 IU's at birth and again 3 months later. So in about the same period of time these NEWBORNS would have taken 400,000 IU's more than you did! Again, 800,000 IU's for an adult with a level of 5 ng/ml is NOT an improper dose.

Next, your level is 42 ng/ml. You CANNOT overdose with a level of 42. The DEFINITION of a vitamin d overdose is a level that is very high (at least 150 ng/ml) with a high calcium level. You did NOT overdose...

As far as your pain, please read my page on Magnesium and Vitamin D to see why taking vitamin d will deplete magnesium and can lead to severe symptoms. Also, Vitamin D requires both Vitamin A and Vitamin K to work and those who are low in either of these vitamins can have severe symptoms when they take vitamin d as well.

Vitamins are NOT drugs and taking a high dose of a single nutrient, not that you overdosed, is where you went wrong. You should have taken a high quality multivitamin with magnesium, vitamin A and Vitamin K such as Beyond Any Multiple and I doubt that you would be having any problems right now.

You may need to do some intensive nutrient therapy in order to begin to feel better...

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System
Side Effects

Vitamine D
by: jeanne


Thank you very much for your time and answer. It is really helpful to me who is running from a doctor to another one. I am going to start the "Magnesium Therapy". Concerning the products you are mentionning (with lower risk of liquid stool), do you know if one can order and be delivered in Europe ?

I am not sure about how being supplemented in Vitamine A and K in addition as I don't want to mix up again the whole metabolism.
Thank you again, Kerry, for your great website.
Yours Truly,

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