Vitamin D Was a Miracle for Me

by Dawn

I have suffered chronic pain in the soles of my feet as well as other parts of my body for 13 years. I have had all of the tests you can think of but still no ease in pain. There was a newly qualified Dr at my surgery whom I saw last week did even more blood test only this time adding the vid D 3 test. The results came back suggesting I had Fibromalga ( not sure of spelling) and I was also vitamin deficient my count was only 25. I was prescribed a vit D3 capsule of 20000 to be taken 3 times a week. Now this is the unbelievable bit I awoke the very next morning and climbed out of bed ready for the usual pain and nothing not even a wince. It has now been 6 days and my life is so different I would be sceptical if anyone told me this story and even I thought ok I will take the vit D capsule to go along with everything my doctor asks of me...THIS IS A MIRACLE for me.

When I get out of a car I no longer need to stretch my tendons gently and limp badly for the first 10 mins and then be in great pain after a half hour of walking sooner some days. I must admit that by the end of Easter Sunday my feet and legs ached but nowhere near usual but then again I was entertaining at home for 10 people so was on my feet for 14 hrs. My advise to anyone is give them a try my friends and family can't believe the change in me.

If you are half as lucky or even a quarter as lucky as I have been with this supplement your life will change beyond your wildest expectations and believe me I have never in my life made a statement like this. I run my own busy company and in the last 5 years both of my Achilles tendons have snapped that is to give you an idea of how serious my problem was. Try it.

Dawn Robson

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