Vitamin D overdose

by Barb
(edgerton wi. usa)

I have had a metallic taste and itching for over a week, plus vomiting 1 week ago. The only thing that is different in my diet is a vitamin d supplement. I took this vitamin daily for a couple of months before I noticed anything I quit taking 1 week ago. ( 1000-t0 2000 iu per day).

Plus I drink a lot of milk. 1 week later, I am still itching and food and water tastes "off" plus I smell unpleasant odors that don't exist. How long before I can expect the vitamin D to get out of my system?

I have had an allergic reaction to a bee sting in the past and the itching feels the same way.

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Overdose versus side effects...
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Barb,

First of all, you are NOT overdosing. If you read the Overdose on Vitamin D page, you'll see that the dose that you are taking is one-fortieth the dose that you would need to have an overdose.

You ARE however, having Vitamin D Side Effects. These are NOT the same thing. Overdoses on vitamin d cause high vitamin d levels and high blood calcium levels and is a medical emergency.

So, what to do.

Well, first of all, you drink milk regularly and have for years without problems, right? Well, milk does not have vitamin d in it naturally, it has Vitamin D Supplements in it- milk is fortified with artificial vitamin d!!

So, if you are able to drink vitamin d fortified milk and not have this reaction, it is likely to be because of the QUALITY of the supplements that you are taking. Low quality supplements are often made with oils that can go rancid. And there is no way that you can know how long those oils have been sitting around before they made them into supplements.

Years? Decades?

So, please do not give up on 'Vitamin D' just yet. You NEED vitamin d!!! But your body certainly doesn't need rancid oils.

So, after these side effects wear off, please try a high quality DRY (no oil) Vitamin D like the Vitamin D Supplement that I offer here.

And PLEASE try a higher dose, the dose of 1000 mg that you are taking is the dose for a newborn infant!! Not a grown adult. So please read my Vitamin D Requirements page so that you know how much vitamin d you SHOULD be taking.

And really, don't give up on Vitamin D so easily. If you tasted milk that had gone bad, would you assume that ALL milk from every single dairy was the same way? No, you'd get it fresher or find a new brand...

Please try at least ONE other brand of vitamin d without oil before you swear off of 'vitamin d' forever.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Immune System

Re: Vitamin D overdose
by: Diana

Thank you for this information. I too, am having the metallic taste and mild itching and as soon as I read the response to this post, I knew what it was! I purchased the oil filled capsules and began taking them 2 weeks ago. I will definitely change to the dry. Thanks again!!

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