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by: Sherry


People and the Medical Field are so unaware of the right amounts of Vitamin D to take. I had 4 people tell me their blood work reflected a Vitamin D deficiency. I have a twin sister that has Mast Cell - allergic to everything that we had to educate ourselves to keep her alive because the Mayo sent her home to die 9 yrs ago. Recently working with Dr. Joe in California who's been talking D3 for 30 yrs. and found Vitamin D3 is huge, just have to minus out the calcium pills and how liquid 5,000 IU's is the equivalent of taking 50,000 IU's in tabs or capsules which just don't absorb well like the liquid ones.

He came out with a chewable 2500 IU's ea which has been cool. I have talked with so many cancer people and asked "does your doctor put you on D3"? Majority say No. MS people taking 1,000 IU's/day. Osteoporsis the same. And people with depression talking suicide taking 1,000 IU's. Society needs to know the importance. I had a kidney dialysis gal that had miracles with her potassium/phosphorus and calcium normalizing within a week - part of which was the D3. And my sisters taking 7500 IU's/day and her diarrhea is GONE. People are so lacking of this.

B12 is another and she's on shots of it because of the non-absorbing of tabs/caps. You go girl, inform the world.

And Many Blessings,

It was so bad I was diagnosed with IBS
by: Loey

Over the past several years I have had sudden, URGENT need to move my bowels after eating or even while just spending any time on my feet... shopping, going for a walk etc. And forget about long car rides, or any kind of travel. I was barely leaving my home anymore. After colonoscopy, blood work, SIBO test, fecal test - all negative, I was diagnosed with IBS. Doctor wanted me to give up dairy and gluten. I just couldn't live my life like that. I began doing my own online research and after many, many hours of digging I found out that the magnesium I was taking for migraines basically is a laxative. I was so optimistic, however, after 2 wks without it I had't improved much. (I have read it can take up to a month to clear my system.) Then 1 week ago, just to see, I decided to stop taking vitamin D3 which I had also been taking for several yrs. Since then, I have begun to return to normal, even becoming a bit constipated. So time will tell, but I think I've found that it was the Vitamin D3 and possibly the magnesium that was causing my IBS symptoms for the past several yrs. I'm going to try getting my vitamins and minerals via diet in the future.

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