Vitamin B12 For Anxiety and Depression

Can anxiety and depression be caused from a deficit in vit B12? My Dr. said my test was fine, however I'm not so sure. I maybe fell inside the parameters but I've been taking 1250 mg a day and feel better. Your thoughts on this?


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Why do you need confirmation from your doctor
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Gracey,

I'm not sure why you are questioning feeling better. If you began to eat apples every day and you felt terrific, would you need to go to your doctor and ask him if it's possible that you could feel better eating apples? Or would you just continue eating apples because it makes you feel better?

Learn to trust yourself. Western medicine, despite the fact that it seemingly seems to know a lot, really has very few answers about the workings of the human body, especially when it comes to nutrition. And western medicine has even FEWER answers specifically about YOUR body. So, stop second guessing your own bodily sensation simply because it's not confirmed by a lab test or an authority figure who went to school for a long time.

Kerri Knox, RN

VIT B 1 2 deficiency my expirience
by: Anonymous

I ma 56 years old diabetic previously on metformin.
Almoust four years ago I have noticed a lot of neuro psichyatric simptoms :
Pins and needles in legs and in amrms schots like electricyti , numbnes , terrible pain in my legy , very often horrible cramps during the night instabile walking ( I even falled from my trycicle twice without any special reason).
Parestesia all over my face and body , I was always very tired even sleepinmg as much as 8 hours.

After 5-6 months after such symptoms I was deppresed and have had delusions and paranoia and suicidal toughts.

In the mean thime I was examined by few neurologist and few different kinde of specialists without any diagnosis except eventually diabetis neuropathy . I even went twice to psichyatrist.
I was terrible .

After strugling for proper diagnosis I was alsaw by one bioenergetics. After struggling for my diagnosis on internet I saw one paper about Metformin and Vitamin B12 Levels.

Than I cheked my Vitamin B12 Levels and it was 290 pmol/l. It was normal level according to laboratory in which I have measured my vir B 12 serum level.

After almost a year and the half I found one article in which is mentioned that people with my level of vit B 12 with such symptoms must be vit B 12 deficiency.

In other paper is written tha in Japan lowest value for vit B 12 is 500 p mol/L.Evene values above 500 pmol/L with such simptoms is deficiency.

And suddenly I find that metformin is caausing malapsorption of Vit B 12.
So I tryed to heal my self with methylcobalamin.
Not on a basis of lab. valčues but on a basis of simptoms.

After six months of vit B 12 supplement ( first month 20000 mcg a day than second month 10000 a day 5000 mcg a day and than gradually 2000 mcg a day and respectivela ¸1000 mcg a day my simptoms are allmoust all gone .

Now I have only minor neuropathy in my fingers because I took Vit B 12 supplement with simptoms wich lasted for more than year and if somebopdy told me at the begining to take Vit B 12 but onlyx methylcobalamin sublingval tablets I wil be completely healed.

In the mean time I have read book Could it Be B12 and in book is written how many misdiagnoses are connected with B 12 deficiency

In my opinion that is the truth.
japenese values are correct and 500 pmol/l as a lowes level is correct especially for people with simptoms of vit B 12 deficiency.
If somebody want s to know ststus of his B 12 it can be don with additional lab tests such as MMA ,a homocystein and holotranscobalamin " ACTIVE " B 12 .

Even if yor values are above 500 p mol/L is somebody ahs lets say 60 % of inactive vit B 12 he or she is vit B 12 deficient

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