Vitamin B12 and MCV Levels

I have recently had bloods done as am experiencing extreme fatigue, loose bowels and headaches. Loose bowels been ongoing problem for years, as is the fatigue (on & off)

I have also fractured my foot and both elbows in the last 2 years (no broken bones prior)
I have two older kids 19 & 14 (no prg problems), 1 baby who was prem at 20 weeks, 3 further miscarriages then a lovely prem bub @ 34 weeks. (ER membranes)20 months ago
I am 37

B12 level is 230
MCV is 99

Thanks in advance, I am so tired!

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Vitamin B12 Levels
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune System Queen

It sounds like you are Vitamin B12 deficient. It's hard to understand why your doctors would miss this when it's right there in black and white. It sounds like they are not managing your care very well. Please read my pages on:

MCV Blood Test


Vitamin B12 Levels to start.

Also, if you are all of a sudden breaking bones, that would be suspicious of Vitamin D deficiency, and you should be tested. If you are low in these nutrients, this should be a big red flag for malabsorption from Gluten Sensitivity as well. Any and all of this can make you tired too.

Kerri Knox, RN

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