Vitamin B12 and Liver Problems

by Teddy

I read that too much B12 can have adverse effects on one's liver. I have multiple liver hemangiomas and am concerned about overdosing. I am taking 1000mcg per day without informing my physician. It has not seemed to help my energy levels. Dare I take more?

I also read that the Methylcobalamin type is more dangerous than Cyanocobalamin.

Now I am confused. My liver function is normal.
Thank you

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Vitamin B12 and the Liver?
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Where DID you get this information that 'too much' vitamin B12 hurts the liver? I have NEVER heard this information and I've read hundreds if not thousands of studies on Vitamin B12.

Next, please define 'too much' for me.

'Too much' water will make your brain swell and cause you to die. Do you worry about drinking 'too much' water all of the time? Please read my page on vitamin b12 deficiency treatment and you'll see that 1000 mcg is hardly even ANYWHERE CLOSE to being 'too much' in ANY sense of the word, so I really have no idea why in the world you are concerned about this in the least or where you got this totally unscientific information in the first place.

Kerri Knox, RN

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