Tooth Calcification and Vitamin D

by Lynda

I have needed 2 root canals in the past year. My dentist was unable to do them because of calcification. He was unable to get into the root.

My teeth had to be removed as they cracked or broke off completely!

My vit D level a year ago was 16 ng/ml so my doctor put me on 50,000 IU of vit D.

After all this time level has come up but not high enough. Still taking vit D every 2 weeks.

The new doctor will not test for vit d yet so I don't know what my levels are now. Once my prescription runs out can I take over the counter vit D ? And should I be taking calcium also ?

I have high blood pressure, osteopenia, chronic sinus problems, body pain, & have gained a lot of weight.

Is the tooth calcification caused by lack of vit D? I had a root canal years ago w/o problem and I am 61 years old, on a fixed income & am so embarrassed by my teeth.

And I just feel bad most of the time. Sorry for the confusion here - just writing as things come to mind.


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Vitamin D and Teeth
by: Kerri Knox, RN-The Immune Health Queen!

Hi Lynda,

I'm sorry to hear about your teeth. That sounds like an awful situation to have your teeth breaking and cracking.

Yes, if you need to continue to take Vitamin D, then you can take Vitamin D 3 over the counter. But make sure that your doctor has checked your calcium level to make sure that it is either normal or low. If it is, then it's safe to continue to take Vitamin D.

Most people need to take between 3500 to 5000 IU's per day as a maintenance dose of Vitamin D.

But as far as your teeth are concerned, there is definitely a nutritional factor involved in the calcification and cracking of your teeth. If you want to learn 'What THEY aren't telling you' about your teeth, you should check out the book
Money by the Mouthful.

Dr. Nara, DDS tells you why the AMA's mantra of Drill, fill and bill is all about lining their pocketbooks and not taking care of your teeth. In addition, he gives you practical strategies to take care of even the worst teeth in order to heal and repair the teeth that you have left.

These are strategies that you will find no where else that can really heal your teeth.

Another piece of advice that I can help you with is to begin making and eating Bone Broth. Bone broth is one of the most overlooked superfoods. It has essential minerals, amino acids, calcium and collagen that is incredible for building bones, teeth, skin, nails and hair.

I recommend that you add bone broth into your diet at least 3 to 4 times per week and even MORE OFTEN for best results.

No matter what you do, your teeth are not going to heal overnight. It may take months and even years to repair the conditions that caused your teeth to become so damaged. But if you begin to follow the instructions in Money by the Mouthful and eat bone broth regularly, you might be able to keep the rest of your teeth.

Kerri Knox RN Immune Health Queen

Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Health Queen
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Easy Immune

Vitamin D defieciency and dental problems
by: Rachel

I found out a year ago I had a drastically low Vit. D level. My Vit B12 was also low. My para thyroid's have my Calcium blood level high but it is taking it from from bones.
I am now taking 5,000 u per day and I still not even close to a "normal" level. I take a shot of Vit B12 evry other week to keep it in the low normal level. I try to take as much Calcium as I can, but suffer with total body cramping with this.
I started noticing my teeth cracking and the fillings falling out. When I went to the dentist he told me that the teeth holding the bridges I have in my mouth are no longer aable to hold them.
I am facing a $18,000 ( this includes all the discounts he is giving me).
I talked with my medical insurance and they deny that my medical condition has nothing to do with my dental problems.
Is there anything thing I could do to get documentation to show that they are connected?
I am 62 yrs. old and semi-retired so am pretty much on a low fixed income.
Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciate it.

Best Bet
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Rachel,

Other than the information provided on my site already, there is very little information regarding vitamin d being a DIRECT CAUSE of your dental issues that I can provide for you.

HOWEVER, one thing that you MUST look into is that you may have parathyroid tumors. High calcium levels almost ASSURE that you have this problem- regardless of what your doctor says.

There is a REASON that you have high calcium levels and your doctor needs to find it. Giving you calcium and vitamin d in no way 'fixes' the CAUSE of your high calcium levels, although it might put a band-aid on it for a while (although it doesn't seem like the band aid is working for you very well).

Please see the website for more information about parathyroid disease. And please actually READ the website before asking me any questions about parathyroid disease. The website is VERY clear and information and well organized to find information, and 95% of your question will be answered there, and the other 5% I am unlikely to be able to answer if it's not answered from their website.

Maybe a parathyroid specialist could help you with information about parathyroid disease causing your dental issues- IF parathyroid disease does lead to dental demineralization.

Kerri Knox, RN

Have doctor check your labs
by: Anonymous

get some blood work up for for Calcium level, ionized calcium and para-thyroid hormone. Sometimes an over-active parathyroid can cause the vitamin D to stay low and many of the symptoms you are having.
good luck!

by: Edwina

My dentist couldn't do a root canal because of calcification, so he sent me to an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon worked on my tooth over an hour but was unable to do the root canal because of the calcification. The surgeon put medication in the tooth and sealed it up. then made a reappointment. He is going to try again hoping the medication softens the calcification. If that doesn't work I'm afraid I'll lose this tooth. What can I do to save my tooth?

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