Time to recovery from Vitamin D deficiency

by Amit

I am suffering from pains and aches all over my body. Specifically my hips knees and feet . It started suddenly and gradually progressed.

I have gone through all blood tests everything normal except very low vitamin d (<15 nmol /l).
This was last sept and I am on vitamin d supplement since then. I retested my blood and vitamin d is 123 nmo/l this time doctor checked my ESR and its very high 85

On top of that i bone scan revealed Osteopenia.

In spite of my normal serum vitamin level i have little improvement of my symtopms.

Doctor think the underlying issue could be some kind of reactive arthritis?

Could my issue only attribute to vitamin D and osteomalacia. If so how long it takes symptoms to improve even after vitamin d level comes i normal range?

Btw I am male , was healthy before this and I was doing very hard Gym to practise for a everest base camp trek when this whole issue happened.

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You could have other things wrong, I dont' know
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Amit,

Please read some of my (many) pages on the time it takes to fix vitamin d deficiency, such as the thread entitled:

Vitamin D Therapy Takes a Long Time

and the MANY threads that have already been asked on this that are all aggregated on the

When Will Vitamin D Make Me Feel Better threads.

As far as other things being wrong with you, of course their could be. However, I would have no idea if their ARE or not being as I don't know you or your medical history.

However, you may want to consider that it's possible that you have Gluten Sensitivity and/or some other condition causing you to have intestinal malabsorption and/or possibly intestinal inflammation.

That number for your CRP is VERY concerning as it is associated with very severe inflammation somewhere in your body, and inflammation is at the heart of most diseases. This inflammation is being caused by SOMETHING and that something needs to be found and eliminated. It's also VERY VERY unusual for a young man to have osteopenia, so certainly something is going on that may be leading to you having such severe inflammation and/or malabsorption and that needs to be found.

Kerri Knox, RN

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