Thank you for the information and support provided in this site

by Briar
(New Zealand)

Thank you for this site. I have been searching and researching for answers to my health problems for years. Your information confirms and adds to my belief that I can heal myself.Despite having some helpful and qualified people on board I now realize that my Vitamin D has been supplemented at a minimal level.I have started now with the 5000iu daily dose and will monitor my bloods closely.I already take magnesium, and follow a paleo diet with the addition of homemade raw milk yogurt and water Keifer, diameteous earth, msm, and betonite clay.Prior to this I have also followed the SCD diet with some initial sucess but found it too hard to maintain.My latest bloods show that my nutritional readings have improved but my vitamin d has decreased to below normal, my iron is still on the high side, liver enzymes and colesterol high, and pos ANA. I have agreed to trial small amounts of gluten for a celiac test at the end of the month.I haven't discussed latest test results with my doc yet but I am hoping that that my low D will be the main Villian here.Many thanks for the dedication you show to your profession :)

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