Supplements for Pregnancy

by Charlie
(Monterrey, NL, Mex)

Hi Kerri,

My wife and I tried for a long time to conceive a baby to no avail. The thought (among other factors) that I took Levaquin and got poisoned by it, always crossed my mind as a possible culprit. However, we finally achieved it. She is pregnant.

She is 42 years old. This is her first pregnancy. Her diet is primarily organic. However, we are not sure what is the best course of action from now on.

Her doctor suggests that she takes the traditional progesterone as a protocol to promote a healthy pregnancy.

Do you think she should take it ? Or rather take a different one ? Or maybe a combination of supplements or brands of supplements ?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Difficult to say
by: Kerri Knox

It's difficult to impossible for me to advise you on anything having to do with pregnancy because of the extreme liability and far reaching possible effects. Basically, if there is a problem with the baby or the pregnancy, and I recommended something to you that is outside of the extremely conservative medical standards, then I could be sued for damages.

So, basically, there is very little that I can safely recommend to you because there is just so little that we know about the intrauterine period, and how supplements and drugs affect a still developing fetus.

About the only things that I can 'really' recommend are:

1) Get a vitamin d level and ensure that your vitamin d levels are in the optimal range
2) Get at least the RDA of magnesium
3) Ensure that she gets enough DHA (fish oils) every day
4) Ensure she gets 'enough' of the B vitamins for brain development of the child. Do read the literature on FOLIC ACID, as FOLATE is needed for brain development, but getting folate in the form of folic acid may be causing health problems in those that have difficulty with 'methylation'- which most people who have taken the fluoroquinolones have. So... in other words, TAKING folic acid to get folate may not be a good idea. But one must get sufficient folate for healthy fetal brain development.

Beyond that, anything that I say or recommend could lead me to extreme liability and I can't really recommend anything else. Sorry for the minimalist advice.

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