simultaneous use of D2 and D3

Doc just started me on the D2 50,000 IU once a wk, for a low Vit D level of 15. Can I also take simultaneous D3 2000 or even 4000 IU per day or would all that be too much?

Thank you!

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by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

I have AT LEAST 500 pages on this site telling you all of the many reasons why you should not take D2. WHY WHY WHY do you still want to take it in the first place. Use D3 instead....

And please read some of the hundreds of pages in which I already explain why you should not use D2...

Answer to "Why, Why, Why"
by: Anonymous

Why? Because our doctor's don't listen to what we say and if we don't take what they prescribe we worry that we will be seen as a "non-compliant" patient and risk having our care compromised. So, with this scenario, if the D2 isn't absorbed by the body, we figure..."Hey, it probably won't hurt me to take it just to make my doctor happy but I also want to take something that will help me so I'll take D3 also". But, then we question ourselves and think..."Maybe I need to check just to make sure it's okay to take these two together". Yes, it would be a perfect world if we had time to change doctors about 50 times until we found one that would listen to us and respect what we learn from self-education. Until then, we do what we can. Sigh.

Just curious
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

So, you would take something that you have self-educated and know to be worse for you than something else, but you would take the one that is worse for you, knowing it's worse for you, in order to make your doctor happy?

Whose health are you in this for? Yours or your doctors?

I can only educate you, if you want to continue to be a victim to a doctor who is supposed to be working FOR you and not against you, then I'm sorry but I can't help you there. It is YOUR health we are talking about and not your doctor's health. Why would you do what is worse for you in order to appease your doctor? Stand up for yourself, or simply use a doctor for what he is good for, as a consultant.

If you were to go get an estimate for work done on your car, if they told you that you needed new tires and you just got new tires, would you get new tires to appease them or because it might 'compromise your car care' later?

Come ON folks, you need to stand up for yourselves and do what you know is right for YOU. Take your doctor's advice as a CONSULTANT and then do whatever you need to do for yourself. You are not a victim and he/she is not a god. And if your doctor is making you feel like a victim, then STOP PAYING HIM and get a new doctor! Why are you paying for someone who victimizes you!? Stand up for yourself and your health. It's YOUR health and YOUR body. Not your doctor's.

I mean, everyone needs to do whatever they need to do. If you want to be a victim and take what's worse for you, then do it. If you don't feel that you can't talk to your doctor, then don't. But please don't ask for my permission. It's YOUR body. Do what you wish. But I'm not going to give you my blessing to do what I know is not the best for you.

Kerri Knox, RN

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