Should the B12 injection work straight away?

by rebecca

I had 6 injections of B12 over 2 weeks as my level was 89. I felt much better however i started to feel ill agin 3 weeks before my next injection was due which was 3 months later. It seemed to take another 3 weeks for me to feel any better. Is this normal? I had my blood tests done 3 weeks after my last injection and my level was 900. Will it stay high for the next 2 months or might it fall again quickly?

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Sublingual Vitamin B12
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Please see my page on Vitamin B12 Deficiency Treatment and put the responsibility for treating it into your own hands instead of your doctor's. You are far better at deciding how much B12 you need and when you need it then your doctor is.

YOu may also be interested in WHY you are low in Vitamin B12. Please read my page on Vitamin B12 Malabsorption if you are interested in learning why you have a B12 deficiency and what you might do about it.

Kerri Knox, RN

B-12 shots
by: Briarrose

2years it went undetected finally my neurologist was checking for neuropathy,diabetes,they were so sure I had diabetes it was a b-12cant,spell,it,anyways it was so low that it didn't register,I was set up right away 1shot once a week for a month then once a month,for the rest of my life so when am I suppose to feel better

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