shortness of breath from Magnesium

by renee
(shreveport, LA)

I have shortness of breath and you mentioned before that it is due to magnesium deficiency. Currently I take about 175 mg per day of magnesium by using the powder form "Calm" drink. If I take it to close to bedtime it wakes me up with panic type feelings. is this normal? Am I taking enough or too much. My stools are not loose.

Renee Sullivan

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You might be VERY low
by: Kerri Knox, Registered Nurse

Hi Renee,

That's a tough one. Seems you are having the exact opposite reaction to magnesium that is 'desirable'. I see this occassionally, and it seems as though you folks who have this issue seem to be REALLY REALLY low in magnesium. But you need to build up gradually, and you may also want to try different forms of magnesium- ie: if you are using magnesium citrate, try magnesium malate and/or try the topical form of magnesium gel, or try taking an epsom salt bath.

I'd try just starting out with small amounts early in the day and find the highest dose that you can take that doesn't affect you negatively. Then just stay on that dose for awhile. Every week or so, see if a slightly higher dose affects you negatively, and if it doesn't then stay on that dose for a week or so.

The other thing that you might want to try is to add a few hundred milligrams of Vitamin B6, because that increases absorption of magnesium so that the small amount of magnesium will give you more benefit. Also, there seems to be a small percentage of people who feel better on magnesium when they add some calcium.

I don't 'generally' recommend take extra calcium, but you can try adding 500 mg of calcium for a few weeks to see if that helps to resolve your magnesium issue.

Hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

Hi lm not sure if l have b12 or magnesium deficiency. some of my symptoms are tremor in leg, ringing in ears, fatigue, dizziness sweating, cold hands and feet, heart palpitation, insomnia, shaking, restlessness, restless legs dose anyone else have these symptoms Gaye

follow the protocol
by: Kerri Knox, The Immune Queen

Hi Gaye,

Just follow the protocol, include the B12, and if you are deficient in either one, that will take care of both of them. The protocol covers both of those, and there is no harm in adding the B12 portion of the protocol.

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