Relying on Doctors and Medicine for Fibromyalgia

by star

I can say that I have had Fibromyalgia since I was a little child due to traumatic events which have caused nightmares and many other things I was diagnosed with intense fibromyalgia yeah went to a doc for a while.

I was given pain pills, nerve pills, reflux pills etc - and I hate pills. I have panic attacks not as bad as i used now.

What I do is go a la natural ..No pills ..I do take Vitamin B complex liquid kind and iodine for thyroid I wouldn't take the thyroid med even though my tsh was 41.09. I have taken reflux pills, but they don't really work. I do sometimes take tums but not good for me .. I drink vinegar natural i make from apples milk at times it helps -don't ask why but it does, etc ..

I try to stay away from white sugar yes it makes the reflux worse and things that is "man made' I am an outside person so get plenty of sun .. I do have the nerve senstiveness if my hair gets on my arm for example feels like something biting me.

I used to think that was normal as has been this way since I was like 4 yrs old ..I deal with different things at different times have had numbness in my hands fingers, burning in legs and feet.. Technically I've have had all the signs and such ..I also deal with sinus issues, but naturally forget pills there are other ways.

I do tons of research also came across your site from Mike's natural news ...Being in a low income I can't always get the Vitamins I need as I know ones in the stores are not good like health food or direct on here ..and there is the cost factor I just don't have the monies ..medicare and medicaid don't pay for this stuff you know .living on a fixed income below poverty doesn't help either right now I need more iodine but it is like 20 bucks here so ah and only one place I know to get it
and too far with no wheels to go there so...

I do the best I can but taking pills nooooooo..another thing yes fibromyalgia is a lot of muscle pain and also can cause muscles to snap as I have had it happen in my calf back in 2000 and I wasn't even doing anything just standing thought I had a charlie horse managed to get to my car ah worked then drive home then crawled up the steps wrapped it up didn't go to a doc till a few yrs later and was told what happened ..

SO if my muscles hurt I stop and massage if I don't it can happen again as they can get tight..yes it healed but not right and I dont like going under the knife so I don't ..but you might want to share this about muscle snapping to others ...

One thing about fibro though is one needs to keep moving as a saying goes use it or lose it I am not a kid I am in my late 50's and just letting you know dealing with what is labeled fibro isn't fun and be cautious of taking pills yeah has messed my myelin up covering on brain back in 1982 from nerve med from a doc called transexene took a long time to heal from that got crossed eyed , body out of whack etc took mega doses of bioflavornoids for eyes as was told have to have surgery chantix another thing I used to quit smoking doc gave me for 8 months about killed me too caused stabbing or lightening pain in head right side on top went to doc still deal with it but on a lesser score had a cat scan told nothing wrong that's when I stopped going to a doc in 2008.

I have told myself I am done and I am so I research natual ways to heal and I think I am functioning better then the whole time I went to the doc no pills ! pills will give one brain fog. ok there you go.


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