Quinilone formation?

Two weeks ago, I started taking CoQ-10 (1,4-benzoquinone) and 2 days ago I started taking PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone). The names of these supplements sound very similar to quinolones.

Do you think these supplements could cause similar joint issues like quinolone antibiotics? I've been working on healing some leg muscle injuries and I thought these supplements could help heal things.

However, looking back on this, I noticed my knee started a grinding noise last week and since the first night of PQQ my knees have ached, which was my initial symptom from Cipro years ago. I'm going to stop taking these supplements and see what happens. This could all be coincidental but these chemical names have me wondering if they could easily convert to quinolones in the body or cause similar side effects.

Thank you for any insight you can share.

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Nope. Nothing similar
by: Kerri

Nope, nothing similar about them. They are entirely different and I've used these both with floxxies with good results.

Just like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide sound really similar, but they are completely different chemically, these are the same way.

I suspect the knee grinding is coincidental, but certainly if you feel worse, see if it's one of your supplements as some people can have reactions, but knee grinding is not a common side effect of any supplements I'm aware of. It's more likely a side effect of hte Quinolones rather than the supplements.

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