Question about B12 with Methylcobalamin

by Sasha Krstich
(Sand Diego, CA. USA)

Years ago i was diagnosed with B12 deficiency and anemia megaloblastica. I was in pretty bad shape then and doctors started me with B12 shots which made huge improvements very quickly. After few years a stopped taking shots and similar symptoms that i had back than have been returning. My doctor has ran some tests and determined the same thing, b12 deficiency. He has me on B12 sublingual 1000mg for life. Is B12 with Methylcobalamin good for my situation?

Here are test results:

VIT B12: 301 Standard Range: 200-910
FOLATE: 16.26 Standard range: >5.38
METHYLMALONATE, SER/PLAS:6.84 Standrd range: <0.30

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I would try to find the CAUSE of your situtation
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

I would want to know WHY you continually are having Vitamin B12 deficiency. Please see my page on B12 Malabsorption.

I ONLY use Methylcobalamin for the MANY MANY MANY MANY reasons that I outline on the page that you read on my site. But I, personally, would be FAR more interested in the WHY of why you are continually B12 deficient. I also suspect that you are probably experiencing other health issues, and that page that I sent you to will give you possible causes WHY you have these problems. These problems ARE related to the Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

Kerri Knox, RN

MTHFR gene mutations and B12
by: windingdown

I would do some searching on mthfr gene mutations.. those of us who have it cant use anything but methyl b12 and methyl folate, I need to avoid all folic acid in foods and supplements.. mthfr's, our body's can only recognize the the active forms. Also you body IF YOU DO have mthfr issues has narrow methyl pathways and this can cause a lot of other health issues like fibromyalgia and CFS to name a few. WITH CLOSED up methyl pathways we can detox well and hard to make glutathione which is very important part of detoxing our bodies.. your Dr should be able to run the 2 most common genes, the 677 and 1298. I had mine ran and found out I did have a copy of 677 so I did a DNA test at 23 and me found out I have a whole host of gene issues that do require special consideration and looked after every day. good luck..

For Sasha-- MTHFR Dr in San Diego
by: Monta

Hi Sasha , you are very lucky you are in San Diego. I agree that you should be tested for the MTHFR mutation. i have it and so does my daughter and sister.
There is a wonderful Naturopath in La Mesa who is involved in MTHFR research and knows all about how to help . Google Journey of Health Medical Clinic, Dr Shannyn Fowl.
She will fix you up. Its an easy fix!
And if its not MTHFR she will find out what it is.

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