Prioritizing Supplements to Income

by Arnie

I'm willing to do anything to heal from this horrible poisoning, but as you stated, I would need a fist full of pills likely running tons of money that I simply don't have no matter how bad I wish that I did. My life is literally at stake and I want to heal. Not to mention the cost of filters or filtered water. I know each case is unique, but if I just loaded up on magnesium, had some a few of the most important supplements and did a paleo diet, would I still heal or is almost all or nothing?

I am so scared that I'm sick inside and I want to do everything, but I just don't have the means. Of all the info, could you list in order for me the most important things down to the very least important so I can prioritize what I buy getting the most healing for my money?



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I tried to be as clear as I could
by: Kerri Knox, RN- The Immune Queen!

Hi Arnie,

Hmmm, I tried to make it as clear as I could in the book about what supplements to prioritize if income is an issue. And no, if you 'just' take magnesium (and no reason that you can't lay out in the sun to get free vitamin d) and do the diet to whatever extent possible, you can still get benefit, sometimes greatly.

I had one woman write me to tell me that her mother was 80% improved (from having severe pain) after 3 days just on the magnesium. Other people improve significantly just by eliminating processed foods and non-foods. If you could do nothing but take magnesium and get vitamin d through the sun and eat beans and rice and free range chicken for most meals, and beans and eggs for breakfast, you'd be doing better than most of the people out there that have Levaquin Tendonitis.

Bones are cheap too, so try to prioritize making and eating bone broth. Bone broth also decreases your need for protein (in other words, it makes the protein you DO get go 'further'), so it's worthwhile and often cheap or even free to get bones and consistently make bone broth.

You could do that much and end up SAVING money since you won't be buying processed foods, sodas or any other junk that you might be regularly buying now.

Kerri Knox, RN

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