Prebiotic Starches

Kerri's article on prebiotic starches is fascinating.

1) For prebiotic starch which kinds of beans are most beneficial?

2) Shouldn't the Spanish be credited for the tortilla?

3) Is it true that, at least for those of us who suffer gut pain, juicing means getting rid of the liquid and eating the residue fibre?



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Jun 07, 2016
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

Thanks. Some answers for you.
1) I don't know. They are probably all similar.

2) Tortillas are not on the list because, so far as I know, they contain very little resistant starch. However, corn is a 'new world' item. In Spain, the word 'tortilla' means omelet, so if they did coin the term 'tortilla', it doesn't mean the same thing anyway. However, in Spain, a dish called 'Tortilla Espanola' is an omelet made with potatoes and onions, most often served as an appetizer... and served cold. So, in light of that, the Spanish tortilla does contain some resistant starch.

For those who might be unaware, in the Americas, a 'tortilla' is a small, flat, round, wraplike device used as a vehicle for various fillings. The most famous of the 'tortilla' dishes are tacos and burritos. They can be made from either flour or corn, but were originally made from corn (at least in the Americas).

In Spain, tortilla just means omelet.

3) If you get gut pain, it could be from various things. Very few people get gut pain from juice, so I'm not sure why you'd have to juice and just eat the fiber (yuck!). Wouldn't you just eat the whole fruit? Or maybe make a smoothie instead of throwing away the juice? I'm not sure that I'm understanding the question.

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